Metaverse Founders Club wants to unlock cross-Metaverse interoperability for better user experience

The growing interest in Web3 and metaverse development has split. While there are many virtual experiences for users to explore, they all create gated communities. However, that will all change with the launch of Metametaverse and’s new project, the Metaverse Founders Club.

Dismantling a divided virtual world

With the help of blockchain technology, there is no shortage of projects to build their own metaverse or virtual world. Various networks and layers provide the necessary tools for builders to start creating their next-generation products or projects. However, there are many different worlds that cannot communicate with each other.It creates a long porch for players to explore, creating a less than ideal introduction metaverse That’s it.

The Metaverse Founders Club aims to make that even better. It is a collaborative project where founders of virtual worlds can come together and focus on opportunities that cross boundaries. The first example of this cross-world effort is a virtual scavenger hunt, which will begin later in June. Participants will solve puzzles in one world to unlock access to the next metaverse, demonstrating the potential for interoperability to take center stage.

Metametaverse CEO Joel Dietz explains why collaboration is key to Web3 development:

“You need dedicated people, honest people, hard-working people, visionary people, and people who are willing to adapt to market conditions and overcome regulatory hurdles. So basically, it’s ultimately a matter of one person, in one person or one It’s tricky to find all the attributes you want in a team.”

The Metaverse Founders Club will bring together teams from many Web3 projects being developed today or in the future.Its initial members represent items like metaverse, Anitya Space, Space, Terra Virtual, GoDot, NFT Oasis, Spatial Web Foundation and MetaverseTalks. More members are welcome if they are executives or significant owners of the metaverse or related technology used to create private member areas and/or puzzles as part of a virtual scavenger hunt.

Metaverse Founders Club Tour

With the help of these eight initial members, the Metaverse Founders Club will promote interoperability between the project and the virtual world. According to Joel Dietz, doing so will help optimize the user experience for those entering Metaverse for the first time. If the technology is to gain mainstream traction, there needs to be a better user-oriented on-ramp to explore different worlds, rather than forcing people to be “on the right chain, with the right wallet.”

Joel Dietz, CEO of Metametaverse, said:

“Who wants to wake up in a virtual world dominated by a handful of companies? We envision this club as an optimistic and collaborative future space where we hope to work together to build critical infrastructure to ensure the metaverse remains open, accessible and fun .”

The original Founders Club members meet quarterly and have a monthly syndicate. All initial rules (called bylaws) can be updated during the consortium, with proposals submitted and voted on three days before the meeting. The team will shift its focus to upcoming scavenger hunts for virtual worlds and other cross-world games to enhance the appeal of Web3 development.

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