Metaverse DeFi protocol Rikkei Finance is listed on Huobi and PancakeSwap after dual IDO and IEO

Further to one Recent announcement, Rikkei Finance today launched dual IDO and IEO for its native governance token, which quickly sold out.Currently, Rikkei’s native token $RIFI is being traded in real time on two platforms Huobi with Pancake swap.

Lijing Finance It is a Metaverse DeFi protocol based on Binance Smart Chain, which can realize safe and reliable open lending, providing cross-chain support, NFT mortgage and peer-to-peer insurance. The long-awaited IDO started with Rikkei Finance’s IEO, which had been delayed since August.

It follows a successful $5.6 million financing round Investors include Signum Capital, X21 Digital and Kyber Network, and $ RU token NFT project IDO For RiFi Union Play Earn Football Manager Simulator.

$RIFI IDO on RedKite Launchpad

Red kite It is a cutting-edge launch pad supported by PolkaFoundry as part of the growing $PKF ecosystem. Projects are carefully selected through a review process of analysis teams and implementation capabilities.

Pool details

  • Token code: $RIFI
  • Token type: BEP20
  • Price of each token: 0.10 USD
  • Vesting schedule: 20% released at launch, cliff for three months, and then 20% unlocked every quarter
  • IDO Network: BSC
  • IDO accepted currency: BUSD

Participants can register between December 3rd and 6th, and the IDO pool will be launched today (December 7th). The first phase of purchase (guaranteed distribution) is from 11:00 AM UTC to 12:00 PM UTC. Phase 2 (first come, first served) is from 12:00 PM UTC to 12:15 PM UTC, and the community pool is from 12:15 PM UTC to 12:30 PM UTC.

As mentioned earlier, $RIFI is not a real-time transaction.

$RIFI IEO on Huobi Primelist

As the world’s leading digital asset exchange, Huobi is committed to providing safe and reliable digital asset transactions. Today, it is listed on its new token listing platform $RIFI, First ClassThe sales period is from 10:00 am UTC to 12:20 pm UTC, and the trading time starts at 1:00 pm UTC. Two methods are provided for participants to register for sales: Queue or HT Holding.


To register through the queue, participants must Register on Huobi Global And complete Advanced verification Process before 10:00 AM on December 7th, UTC time, and hold at least 50 USDT in their trading account.

From 10:00 am to 11:00 am UTC time, eligible users register to participate in the event, and 5,000 lucky users are randomly selected, each of whom is eligible to purchase and allocate $RIFI worth 50 USDT.

HT Holdings

To register with HT Holding, participants must also Register on Huobi Global And complete Advanced verification Processing before 10:00 AM on December 7th, UTC time, the minimum average holdings for the 3 days between December 3rd and 6th is 300 HT.

From 10:00 a.m. UTC to 11:00 a.m. UTC, eligible users register to participate in the event, and the system will automatically execute the purchase order with the largest USDT quantity they can use to place the order, and assign a new one to each participant The tokens are calculated on a pro rata basis.

Interested parties can now buy $RIFI tokens on Huobi or PancakeSwap.

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