Meta Legends is building a Metaverse gaming ecosystem to connect players in innovative ways

In recent years, the gaming industry has made considerable progress.From bulky game consoles, weird cassettes and simple games to a $170 billion entertainment channel More than 2.7 billion users all around the world. The game is now a consumer experience, based on super-realistic animation and full of twists and turns of entertainment content, it seems to be unlimited entertainment content.

When it comes to the possibilities of gaming, there seems to be no crossover. Despite the large-scale innovation that has entered the industry, it does not seem to have a rest, and now we are witnessing the blockchain innovation in the gaming field.

The rise of non-fungible tokens (NFT) and the integration of DeFi and play2earn blockchain games have spawned a new level of innovation in the gaming industry. Several blockchain projects are now using this concept to build a gaming ecosystem, one of which is worth noting is Meta Legends.

Yuan Legend A cutting-edge entertainment center based on a strong product foundation is being built. The project is designing an innovative application called Meta-Connect, whose use case is to integrate the gaming community into a unified ecosystem. Participants will be able to find each other on the map, save their NFT, and estimate the value of their digital artifacts.

In addition, Meta Legends will create a Metaverse environment, which will be called Meta-Life. Gamers and Metaverse players will be able to accumulate passwords, own property, collect digital collectibles and explore the Meta Legends universe.

Meta Legends uses NFT and Metaverse in a fascinating way

NFTs are an interesting asset class because they bridge the gap between the real world and the digital world, and connect the digital world through the ability to transplant in-game items between the game and the virtual world. Although their value as a collectible media form has soared in the physical world, their popularity has also grown with the rise of Metaverse and the digital world, because NFTs are very suitable for use in the Metaverse ecosystem.

Yuan Legend It will use the concepts of NFT and DeFi to build an innovative meta-universe for its play2earn game platform to connect gamers from all over the world. The global Metaverse industry is currently growing at an alarming rate, and as the industry continues to gain mainstream attention, Meta Legends positions itself to lead this widespread adoption.

Yuanjie market is Expected to reach It will reach 596.47 billion U.S. dollars by 2027, which is higher than the 44.69 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. During the period 2021-2027, the Yuan Festival market is expected to grow strongly at a compound annual growth rate of 44.8%. The mission of Meta Legends is to create a digital world similar to the real world. The team pointed out:

“We will build our Meta Legends Metaverse using realistic rendering, dynamic physics and effects, realistic animation, and built-in tools for advanced character rigging animation and performance capture streams. This will produce believable human and animal characters, Large-scale film quality levels that reflect the environment and visual effects. We will also include real-time landscape and terrain tools, sky clouds and ambient lighting, real-time ray tracing and rasterization when building the Metaverse world.”

Yuan Legend A total of 12,345 legends will be minted/released. All legends will be classified by rarity and consist of hundreds of different elements. These legends will be issued as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and stored on the Interplanetary File System (IPFS).

The NFT gaming platform will benefit gamers in a variety of ways. For example, they will be able to participate in various FPS games, competitions and tournaments, space races, Easter eggs, and concerts and festivals. As Meta Legends adds Play2Earn technology to its platform, gamers will be able to earn some passive income by participating in Metaverse.

The platform also introduces a land ownership system, where owners can rent land to players for farming resources, rent and resell houses to players or investors. They can also rent vehicles and weapons from players, and they can also use unique characters to participate in Yield Guild Gaming.

Meta Legend will begin its token sale at 6pm Eastern Time on November 24th. This is not only an important milestone for Meta Legend, but also an important milestone for the entire NFT gaming fraternity, because it paved the way for the start of development activities.

Meta Legend tokens will serve as the main medium of exchange for all financial activities in the Meta Legend Metaverse and the gaming ecosystem. Meta Legend also has strong community support, with more than 115,000 fans Discord It is expected to grow further after its launch tomorrow.

Blockchain games will lead the future of games.

There are no restrictions on the types of rewards that may be offered in blockchain games, so there will almost certainly be something that will appeal to almost everyone. It is expected that blockchain games will attract a wider range of interests, use cases and types, attract more audiences, and bring more people into the world of blockchain games, DeFi and meta-universe.In this case, the game is like Yuan Legend Worthy of attention.

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