Merkel called on Germans to be vaccinated, saying death is “avoidable”

German Chancellor Merkel arrives at the COP26 summit

in Germany In her last video speech to Germany before leaving office, German Chancellor Angela Merkel pleaded for Germans to be vaccinated, saying that coronavirus deaths were “avoidable.”

“Each of them left family or friends behind, dumbfounded and speechless,” Merkel said Saturday, The Associated Press Report“This is painful because it can be avoided. With an effective and safe vaccine, we have the key to solving the problem.”

“Vaccination, whether it is the first vaccination or booster vaccination,” she added. “Every vaccination helps.”

Her request was made a few days after Germany Announce It will ban unvaccinated citizens Restaurants, shops, bars and other places.

Only people who have been vaccinated or who have just recovered from infection can enter non-essential places. Individuals who have not been vaccinated will be allowed to enter important places such as supermarkets and pharmacies.

The plan was announced in coordination with Merkel’s predecessor who will take over next week. Olaf Schultz.

According to the Associated Press, Schultz had previously stated: “If only more citizens also decided to vaccinate, the situation will be different now.”

68% of the population in Germany has been vaccinated because the country still has records There were 64,510 new coronavirus cases on Saturday.

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