Meghan Kelly: ‘First-year law student’ could discredit Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony

Megan Kelly was the first journalist to follow Donald Trump During the 2016 presidential debate.

but now she‘son his side.

On “The Meghan Kelly Show” on Thursday, the former Fox News and NBC News reporter scoffed at the dramatic testimony of the former Fox News and NBC News reporter before the special committee on Jan. 6. white house staff Cassidy Hutchinson.

“A first-year law student could have driven a truck through the hole in the certificate,” Ms. Kellyholds a law school degree.

according to The Washington Examiner, four members of the all-Democratic-selected panel were not only first-year law students, but also had law degrees, some of them top honors. They are Maryland’s representatives Jamie Ruskin, California’s Adam Schiff and Zoe Lofgren, and Wyoming’s Liz Cheney. All but Ms. Cheney are Democrats.

“Unfortunately, no one was there [Tuesday]never mind a mature lawyer asking Donald Trumpdefense, or even just pressuring witnesses on certain issues she testimony,” Ms. Kelly Said, condemning the lack of due process at the hearing, which many Republican and conservative commentators called a show trial.

Miss. Kelly Noticed Ms. Hutchinson hearsay evidence is often presented, based on what she “Overheard” and “near the conversation.” she It has also repeatedly told the expert group, she Hearing “something careless”.

she The memory seems to be quite unstable,” Ms. Kelly continue. “‘What’s the effect’? Do you remember well? Then tell us what it was.”

Other news outlets reported that Ms. HutchinsonThe rumor says, Mr. trump card try to suffocate his Both a Secret Service driver and grabbing the wheels of a presidential limousine would be rejected by the Secret Service, and given the vehicle’s layout, it’s unbelievable.

exist she testimony, ma’am Hutchinson Also claimed that Mr. trump card Ask the Secret Service not to inspect weapons his “Stop the Stealing” rally despite knowing some were armed.

But ma’am. Kelly Note that the panelists on January 6 never asked obvious follow-up confirmation questions.

“What exactly happened?” she ask. “Has the Secret Service stopped screening people? Are they allowed in? No one ever suggested that.”

Miss. Hutchinson It was the assistant at that time-white house On January 6, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

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