Megan received a £1 fine for tabloid invasion of privacy

LONDON-The Duchess of Sussex will receive a notional amount of £1 after the court found that the British “Sunday Mail” had violated her privacy.

The Guardian reported this figure on Wednesday, which means that the Daily Mail decided to abandon further appeals and issued a statement acknowledging the American-born Duchess, formerly known as Meghan Markle, Won she litigation.

This figure only covers the Duchess’ claims of infringement of privacy. According to the “Guardian” citing court documents, the “Daily Mail” will pay another unspecified copyright infringement fee and attorney fees.

The Sunday Mail’s statement on December 26 stated that “an agreement has been reached on financial remedial measures” but did not provide any details.

The settlement ended a long-term lawsuit filed by the Sunday Mail after publishing a series of stories based on a private letter in 2019. Megan Write to she After the estranged father she Married Prince Harry.

“I think they only reduced their losses to some extent,” said Mark Stephens, a London lawyer who was not involved in the case, and mentioned the seven-figure attorney fees incurred by both parties. “So I think it might be right for both parties to draw a line on the beach and… to end this special case.”

MeganFormer actress, sued the Associated Press for misuse of private information and copyright infringement.

The newspaper’s lawyer disputed Megan’s statement, arguing that she Craft this letter carefully, knowing that it might be seen by the news media.Correspondence between Megan, 40, and she The communications secretary at the time, Jason Knauf, stated that the Duchess suspected that her father might have leaked the letter to reporters and took this into consideration.

After the lower court rejected the content of the mail, the newspaper submitted the case to the Court of Appeal.

In the appeal, the Associated Press also argued that Megan By cooperating with Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand to disclose private information, they are the author of “Looking for Freedom”, a sympathy letter about her and Harry.

The Duchess’ lawyers previously denied that she or Harry collaborated with the author.But Knauf testified that he provided information to the author and worked with Harry and Megan.

This information provides a dramatic turn in the long-running case. In response, Megan Apologize for misleading the court regarding scope she Cooperation with Durand and Scoby.

The Duchess said that she did not remember the discussions with Knauf when she testified earlier in the case and “absolutely did not want or intentionally misled the defendant or the court.”

Megan Since the beginning of their relationship, Harry has attracted close attention from the media, and they have linked the second son of Prince Charles of the United Kingdom with an American TV star.

At the beginning of 2020, the couple announced that they would resign from the royal family and move to North America, citing what they said was the incurable and racist attitude of the British media. After that, they settled in California with their two young children.

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