McDonald’s China Launches Children’s Day Chocolate Mochi Burgers, Shrimp and Pineapple Burgers

McDonald’s China has added space exploration-themed food to their menu to celebrate Children’s Day.

International Children’s Day is a worldwide holiday declared by the United Nations to protect children’s rights and commemorate children killed by the Nazis during World War II. The Shanghai Chinese Salesian Association established Children’s Day in China in 1932. Every June 1st, children under the age of 14 have a day off to enjoy their childhood. During the event, they are also free to enjoy their favorite foods or try new ones, such as creative new menus inspired by childlike wonders of space exploration.

The advertising slogan for the new menu is “Taste from the Stars”.

There are nine new items for you to enjoy: Galaxy Soda, Sea Salt Coconut Mac Whirlwind, Star Hash Browns, Sour Plum Sauce, Green Pepper Sauce, Shrimp Pineapple Burger, Blueberry Cheese Pie and Chocolate Mochi Mini Burgers.

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The menu offers two new blue drinks. Galaxy soda is a carbonated drink with a citrus flavor. Sea Salt Coconut McFlurry is lightly mixed with crushed Oreos and topped with tri-color marshmallows.

Then, like a bite-sized appetizer, star-shaped hash browns and two tart plum and bell pepper dips are the perfect finger food combo.

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Entrees include two creative new burgers. One burger features lettuce and round pineapple slices on a fried shrimp patty in a bagel. The second burger is actually a mini burger with sausage, bacon and a bed of lettuce in a hot cross bun.

For dessert, kids can enjoy blueberry cheese pie or chocolate mochi mini burgers. Blueberry Cheese Pie has blueberry jam and cheese spread side by side, so each bite contains an even distribution of both flavors. The Chocolate Mochi Mini Burgers feature the same hot cross buns as the Sausage and Bacon Mini Burgers, but use a chocolate crusted mochi instead.

New menu items come in space purple box, cartoon astronaut on spaceship surrounded by stars and green aliens. The blueberry cheese pie comes in a similarly styled sleeve, and astronauts and aliens are exploring the giant blueberry planet. Another astronaut clung to a giant lemon half on the Galaxy soda glass design.

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McDonald’s also produced 20,000 helmet toys with voice-changing and music-playing features for children’s meals.

These items will only be available after breakfast hours at participating stores from May 25 to June 7.

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