Max Scherzer may make headlines for the Nationals big sale before the trade deadline

As rumors spread on social media, Max Scherzer Sitting in the visitor’s air-raid shelter Citizen bank Parker, feet propped, watched the Washington Nationals play against the Philadelphia Phillies.

In the past six and a half seasons, Scherzer heNot on the mound-with his Teammates, throw the ball from one hand to the other.when he On the mound, he When the third strike whizzed past, every pitch was mumbled.He has always been a key part WashingtonThe success of the national team won 92 regular season games and led them to World series In 2019.

Scherzer’s time Washington However, Thursday seems to be coming to an end, and the San Diego Padres are close to closing a deal. according to To the sports meeting. However, Padres is not alone. As of Thursday night, the deal has not been finalized.

But Scherzer blocked the noise. He pitched in the first game against the Phillies and pitched one in six innings. Then he sat down to attend the press conference to understand the reality of the situation, but not necessarily what would happen.

“A baseball game can throw so many curveballs at you. In my career, I have never encountered such a situation, and now I have experienced all the hustle and bustle,” Scherzer said, before he knew that the trade was closed at 4pm on Friday. Before the date where he might end before. “This is new to me. I have only been traded during the offseason; I have never dealt with this issue during this season.”

Scherzer is the most watched player in Washington preparing to transfer on Thursday, but he is not the only player to be sold. The closer Bradhand went to the Toronto Blue Jays, and the 25-year-old receiver Lelia Adams returned to the Nationals. Washington can still trade utility Josh Harrison, left fielder Kyle Schwab and rescuer Daniel Hudson before the deadline.

Since Scherzer joined the organization in 2015 and signed a seven-year, $210 million contract, the Nationals have never encountered this situation-sold before the transaction deadline. At that time, he had already won the American League Cy Young Award in 2013. Joining Scherzer emphasized the National Team’s goal of winning the World Series by injecting more firepower into the rotation for a long time.

He only joined his Hall of Fame in Washington’s Hall of Fame resume and won two Cy Young Awards, one in 2016 and the other in 2017. The 37-year-old has been selected to the All-Star team eight times in a row-there is no Midsummer Festival classic in 2020. If his career in Washington ends, he will have a 2.80 ERA, 1,610 strikeouts and 0.962 WHIP outs in 1,229 games.

“I put it on the line every time,” Scherzer said. “Regardless of the situation, I will give you everything I get.”

That was met by pitcher general manager Mike Rizzo in 2005, when Rizzo was the director of scouts for the Arizona Diamondbacks, and Scherzer was Missouri’s first-round pick. Arizona selected Scherzer with the 11th overall pick in the 2006 draft. The Detroit Tigers traded Scherzer in 2009.

Then Rizzo had the opportunity to reunite with Scherzer in 2015 to sign a free agent starting player in a move to change the franchise.

“Max and I may be my closest and most unique relationship with the players,” Rizzo said at 106.7 The Fan on Wednesday. “I met him and he gradually became a member of the Hall of Fame. So we have good conversations every day, almost with different topics, baseball, etc.. In the past few weeks, we have talked a lot about being traded before the deadline He understands the possibility, he understands this. We want to make sure that what we do is right for Max and what is right for the organization.”

In 2019, Scherzer and Washington realized what they had always imagined-the world championship. Although 2020 and 2021 are downturn seasons in comparison, Scherzer will always have that ring. He is already looking forward to reuniting with that winning team in the future, and he understands the business side of baseball.

Therefore, although this seems to be the end time for Scherzer and the Nationals, he did not pay as much attention to goodbye as he did during good times. He sees the whole picture, what he has achieved in six and a half seasons, instead of ending prematurely before the trade deadline.

“I don’t want to see this as a negative thing, I really think it is a positive thing,” Scherzer said. “I signed a seven-year contract here and we won the World Series. The first thing I said when I signed was, “I’m here to win. “We won. We won the World Series. This is a lifelong dream come true.”

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