Max Scherzer and Carlos Correa are the best free agents

Due to the possibility of a suspension, so far, most of the business in the free agent market is proceeding as usual.

Detroit signed left-handed Eduardo Rodriguez. Houston retains star right back Justin Wieland. Noah Syndergaard switched from the Mets to the Angels with an expensive one-year contract.

Last week’s deadline for accepting qualified offers came and went, further clarifying who will enter the open market.

Whether the uncertainty of the next collective agreement will affect the offseason transfers of available top players remains to be seen, but it is clear that there are many good options for teams looking to upgrade.

Here are the top baseball free agents ranked by position. The current age of the player is in parentheses:

Left-hander starting-Carlos Rodden, White Sox (28): This is a toss between Rodon and Robbie Ray. Rodon didn’t really threaten Ray in the Cy Young vote, but his self-crimination rate was about half a point lower, and he was younger. Ray received a qualified offer, but Rodden did not, which might make Rodden a more attractive target.

Left-handed rescuer-Andrew Chafin, track team (31): Chafin’s performance against the Cubs and the track team last season was impressive. Chafin scored a total score of 2-4 with a 1.83 ERA in 71 games and 5 saves.

Right-handed starter-Max Schrzer, Dodgers (37): Although Scherzer is getting older, there are no signs of any major decline. In eight of the past nine seasons​​, his SR rate was 3.15 or lower-the only time was in the shortened 2020 season.

Right-handed rescuer-Raisel Iglesias, Angels (31): Iglesias saved 34 games for the Los Angeles team, and things didn’t go well in the Cincinnati bullpen after he left. In the past three non-shortened seasons, he has made at least 30 saves.

Catcher-Yan Gomez, track and field (34: There is no star catcher available this year, but Gomez can provide some pop.

First Base-Freddie Freeman, Braves (32): Losing Freeman will be a big blow to the World Series championship, but this five-time All-Star and 2020 MVP man will obviously pay a high price. Even at the beginning, it is difficult to find this consistent production method.

Second base-Marcus Semien, Blue Jays (31): Let’s list Semien as second baseman-he mainly played there this season-and avoid making difficult decisions with shortstops. This year, Semien played in 162 games, hit 45 homers, and he ranked third in the MVP voting. According to data, since the start of the 2019 season, he is the player with the most wars among all players in baseball.

Third Base-Eduardo Escobar, Brewers (32): In his first full season since Escobar hit 35 home runs in 2019, he hit 28 home runs this year. In addition to the third, he also played first, second and shortstop.

Shortstop-Carlos Correa (Carlos Correa), Astro (27): Correa made his major league debut at the age of 20 and became a free agent before his 30th birthday. This makes him a lot younger than some of the other top players on this list, and he may be the most popular name this offseason.

Outfield-Starling Marte, track team (33), Chris Bryant, Giants (29), Nick Castellanos, Red Army (29): Marte did his best to help Team A win. This year his OPS in Oakland and Miami is 0.841. Kobe didn’t turn 30 until January. Obviously, in addition to the outfield, he can also play third base. Castellanos has set career highs in home runs (34), batting percentage (. 309) and OPS (. 939) this year.

Designated batter-Nelson Cruz, Rays (41): Cruz may finally slow down, but only a little bit. He hit 32 home runs this year, but shot 0.832 OPS, which is the lowest level since 2012.

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