Matt Damon co-authored a book on getting clean water

New York (Associated Press) – Matt Damon’s book on access to safe water, published on March 1st, has won the support of some big-name spokespersons.

Former President Bill Clinton and Nobel Peace Prize winner Mohamed Yunus are among those who promoted the “value of water.” Oscar-winning actor and film producer collaborated with civil and environmental engineer Gary White. Since visiting Zambia in 2006, Damon has been a well-known spokesperson for water sanitation issues and co-founded the non-profit organizations and WaterEquity with White.

Damon and White met at the Clinton Global Initiative in 2008.

“We are very happy to write this book together. We can’t wait to share the stories that happened when film actors and civil engineers joined forces to deal with the global water crisis-stumbling blocks and obstacles, breakthroughs and huge gains, and what we encountered along the way. Incredible people,” Damon and White said in a statement on Tuesday.

“Our journey proved two things: First, it is possible to solve the water crisis-in our lifetime. Second, the key is to release the incredible of those who fight for necessities such as safe water and sanitation every day. Determined and resourceful.”

According to Penguin Random House Press, the publisher of the book, “The Value of Water” will clarify the “challenges of building and expanding market-based financial solutions to make clean water and sanitation facilities more accessible. In the end, it’s about A story of how to empower communities and individuals to make long-term investments for their own well-being.”

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