Maryland is on the cusp of bidding at the Bowl, but needs to win at Rutgers University first

Maryland’s last football game at Rutgers University on Saturday afternoon brought a prize that the Turtles failed to participate in for three consecutive weeks: the opportunity to participate in a bowl game.

“We are still chasing a sixth victory,” the Maryland coach Mike Locksley Tell reporters, “We have run out of time.”

Maryland (5-6, 2-6) The previous three chances of winning this elusive victory came from the top-ranked opponents – Pennsylvania State University, Michigan State University and University of Michigan – this is the Maryland State schedule. The hardest part of the game.

The Scarlet Cavaliers (5-6, 2-6) seem to be a respite after this time, but in many ways, this game is like looking in a mirror to look for turtles. Both schools have the same records, have the same divisional victories (Illinois and Indiana), and both are fighting for the top ten guaranteed bowling seats.

“It makes us all very eager to win this game,” Rocksley Said.

“I told our team it was like [MLB] Wild card playoffs. Either win or go home. “

In addition to the impact of the bowl, junior Taulia Tagovailoa has the opportunity to complete the best quarterback statistics season in Maryland history at Rutgers University.

He has maintained the season finish mark, currently at 287, and was broken in a 59-18 loss to Wolverine last week. Tagovailoa is also only behind Scott Milanovich’s 1993 project record of 216 yards and 5 touchdowns.

“This season has gone through a lot of ups and downs. I am lucky and grateful that I can still participate in the competition,” Tagovailoa said. “I think the biggest goal now is to end the bowl game.”

Limiting turnovers is a great help in helping Maryland enter the playoffs for the first time in five seasons. The Turtles have received 78 penalties this season, 21 of which have been penalized in the last two games.

“Every day we must continue to work hard to abide by discipline, including myself,” Tagovailoa said. “I think this is the most important thing in the past few games.”

Eight of the top ten teams are currently eligible to participate in the bowl game. Three of them-no. Ohio ranks 2nd, Michigan ranks 6th and Michigan ranks 12th-are competing for the college football playoffs or participating in one of the six New Year’s games.

By winning on Saturday, Maryland will become the ninth team in the league to qualify for a bowl game, and will likely land in one of the following three destinations:

— The New Era Pinstripe Bowl played against opponents of the Atlantic Coast League at Yankee Stadium in New York City on December 29. Pinstripe Bowl is one of the few bowls held outdoors in cold weather cities and will provide Terrapins and their fans with the shortest commute time to participate in the playoffs. Maryland has not participated in this game before, but for the bowl officials who partnered with ACC, based on the results of the Commonwealth Cup game between schools, choosing Maryland against former rivals Virginia or Virginia Tech may be very attractive. force.

— Face the top 12 opponents at the Insured Bowl held at Chase Field in Phoenix on December 28. For Maryland, this is a more friendly destination weather, and the Premium Bowl is also the second on this list. Both stadiums are held at baseball stadiums and will be the first for Terrapins. This bowl has another attractive match-up, but there is a problem: West Virginia needs to win a victory in Kansas to become eligible for the Big 12 bowl. Maryland defeated the Climbers 30-24 in the season opener on September 4.

— The Quick Lane Bowl against Central American opponents at Ford Stadium in Detroit on December 27. The third possible option for Maryland is the only familiar option on this list. The 2016 Quick Lane Bowl was the last time the Terrapins participated in the playoffs, losing 36-30 to Boston College. MAC bowl bids are usually based on proximity and matchup-Northern Illinois, Central Michigan, and Toledo may all be potential opponents.

All of the above factors still depend on multiple factors, the most important of which is the task at hand in Maryland, especially the senior citizens of the program in New Jersey this weekend.

“I think this will be a great achievement and a great testament to the predecessors of this project,” Rocksley Say, “They left this project better than when they came. Because none of these people have participated in a bowl game.”

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