Marvel’s problematic Miles Morales comics writer apologizes

Miles Morales in Spider-Man: Through Spider-Man

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Beloved Spiderman Miles Morales With the upcoming release Spider-Man: Through Spider-Man (first part), the sequel Oscar-winning animated blockbuster This propelled the Afro-Latino character into mainstream popularity. On the comics side, however, the release of a comic based on Morales, who was reimagined as Thor, was a huge disappointment.

comics–if…? Miles Morales —There has been a backlash over writer Yehudi Mercado’s inauthentic portrayal of the character, while also raising concerns about why Marvel would hire a non-Black writer at this point in the first place.exist twitter post Earlier today, Mercado responded to the controversy.

“I’ve stepped back and listened over the past few days, and I admit to your criticism of my latest issue What if… Miles Morales was Thor. Although I have had different experiences through my Jewish and Mexican background, I still know that inauthentic hurts, and I’m sorry that this failed in that regard. I am grateful to hear and learn from my fellow Black and Puerto Rican comics and hope to use this moment to help increase authenticity. I will also donate the money Marvel paid me to the Brooklyn Bookstore, which works to increase literacy and provide more books to New York City kids,” he wrote.

This is a big disservice to the kids who grew up with Miles, especially if they turn to comics later Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse And anyone inspired by the best evolution of Marvel’s Spider-Man canon because of his creation. Stephanie Holland of The Root provides more background and insights in the post Part of it reads: “Myers is so popular because he’s just a normal, clumsy teenager who wants to help others. Like every other black man, he talks like a normal guy, not a weird Blaxploitation Comics.” Read Full Article here.

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