Marvel’s legendary Hawkeye show Kate Bishop

Lego’s Brickheadz Ahsoka Tano, Hasbro’s Marvel legend Hawkeye Kate Bishop and EXO-6’s 1:6 Mirror Universe Spock.

picture: Lego, Hasbro and EXO-6

Welcome back to the toy aisle, io9 regularly collects the latest and greatest nerd toys and merchandise. this week: Hawkeye He set his sights on the kindness of some action figures.Lego travels to the Clone Wars and the Multiverse (crazy) in two new series, and NECA sneaks intoTwo slick views of RoboCoperate. check it out!

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Lego Doctor Strange in the Crazy Multiverse Gagantos showdown

Before we get the first trailer Doctor Strange in the Crazy Multiverse Scheduled to be released on May 6th next year, Lego defeated everyone by seeing the content that was about to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe at first glance.this 264 piece set Not only did we see the Lego version of the marine creature Gargantos for the first time, but also the American Chavez, who joined Dr. Strange and Huang’s minifigures. The $30 package will be Available for purchase Start January 1, 2022.

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picture: NECA

NECA Ultimate Battle Damage RoboCop, with chair and ultimate RoboCop doll

With another year of responsibly wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, and strengthening vaccinations, 2022 will also usher in its initial 35th anniversary. Robocop In the movie, NECA is ready to commemorate this moment with a pair of 7-inch RoboCop dolls, which will be launched in April next year.Pricing is not yet clear, but Pure graphic Possibly a cheaper option, with shiny armor, a spare head with a portrait of Peter Weller, and a cobra assault gun that can be stored in a working spring leg case.this More expensive option Including all the same features and accessories, plus battle-damaged armor and RoboCop chair for diagnosis and chewing baby food.

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picture: Hasbro

Hasbro Marvel Legend Hawkeye Kate Bishop and Clint Barton

with Hawkeye Now playing on Disney+, Hasbro gave us a glimpse of the inevitable accompanying action figures in the show, of course, the first is Hawkeye! And Hawkeye! Yes, as expected, both Clint and Kate will be responsible for the characters in the series, and both will be equipped with reliable bows, quivers and spare hands for punching or bow aiming. In addition to early rendering, no Detailed information about the numbers-Outfits inspired by the love of David Aja and Matt Fraction Hawkeye Comic Run—wattAccording to reports, in addition to this, fans can expect the Vengeance Archer to target your wallet sometime in 2022. The real question now is: Why didn’t one of them bring Lucky the Pizza dog?

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Lego BrickHeadz Asoke Catano

With a satisfying run and storyline The Clone Wars Animated series, and Togrutan’s first live performance in season two Mandalorian, Ahsoka Tano has developed a considerable following in it Star wars Fans, it’s only a matter of time before she is comiced in Lego’s addictive collection Brick seriesThe new 164-piece, $10 suit will not be officially available until January 1, 2022, but you can enjoy it!Everywhere On the LEGO website immediately.

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picture: EXO-6

EXO-6 Star Trek Mirror Universe Spock Tier 6 Doll

Unable to accurately identify “Evil beard Metaphorical origin, but Leonard Nimoy (Leonard Nimoy) played the corrupt mirror universe version of Lieutenant Commander Spock, keeping a goatee to help perpetuate it for a generation Star Trek: The original series. EXO-6 launches its first mirror universe Star Trek number Next year, this sixth-level evil Spock will not only have an evil goatee and more than 30 joint points, but also accessories, including a phaser, a full fabric uniform, and interchangeable hands in various poses. The pricing and specific release date are not yet known.

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Collection of Canon Bear and Micro Canon 5D Mark IV Model Camera

In your life, does a photographer need a hug while watching companies such as Sony slowly cannibalize the market share of established camera manufacturers such as Nikon and Canon?The latter created a lovely 8 inch tall plush companion Not only did he wear a pocket vest for an afternoon of sports photography, but he also had an impressively detailed miniature replica of a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV digital SLR camera with a detachable 24-70 mm lens on the neck There is a matching Canon EOS shoulder strap. It is currently priced at $60, but if you want to use it to inspire future photography enthusiasts, it is not recommended for children under 14 years of age.

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Lego Building Singapore

Complications of ongoing cThe ovid-19 pandemic has made international travel less and less attractive, but most of us may have long been tired of local haunts.If you want to visit exotic places without first poking your nose with a cotton swab, Lego has updated its architectural collection with new 827 sets Celebrating Singapore City The skyline includes Marina Bay Sands, Lau Pa Sat, Supertree Grove, OCBC Bank Centre and One Raffles Place, all of which are located along the Singapore River.The suit will be officially Available to start January 1, 2022, $60.

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