Marvel Comics Reveals Details of X Legion

The new X Corps is composed of Nightcrawler, Juggernaut, Blindfold, Dr. Nemesis and Pixie.

Nightcrawler is ready to keep the peace.
picture: Bob Quinn/Marvel Comics

Mutantkind’s revival in Dawn, Domination, and Marvel comics The fate of X now-something This gave the mutants a secluded home and their status as a global superpower on the sovereign island of Kracoa-it has improved Various interesting questions Regarding the frequent persecution of publishers, minorities discover what utopia means on the surface and the price they are willing to pay to protect it.

Marvel Comics shared New details about X Corps, One of the last undisclosed X-books in the third era of the “Krakow Era”-Full Line X-Men Restart from boot House and that power X In 2019.Join the other eight books recently announced to be released X’s fate This spring, Legion By Way of XSi Spurrier, and will showcase Jan Bazaldua’s artwork (currently there is no official colorist or alphabet for the series).The series will consist of a GreatlyNightcrawler, he spent some time thinking in Krakoa Concept of mutant spirituality in that era They can’t die, When he leads a team… well, not exactly Policemen. Mutants and the police are not really mixed up.Instead, the new team of Nightcrawlers—elves, masters, blindfolds, nemesis, and even David Haller, aka Legion—will As the internal investigative power of the mutant country and the protector of its peace, not only in the sense of law and order, but also to protect utopia from forces that would destroy it.

“This is the first time that the Marvel Universe has such a dense, beautiful (and very unstable) superhuman population, in public, all concentrated in one place,” Spurrier said in a statement issued by Marvel (via Beat). “It needs peacekeepers, of course… but it is wrong to treat them as simple police officers. If the limit of your imagination is to beat others or reach for a gun, then you will not go far in Krakoa. Mutation civilization needs Those who have different ideas.”

It remains to be seen how different the ideas of this unorthodox team are, but Legion Far from being the first moral issue raised by some of the most outstanding heroes in the new X-Men era.After all, X-Force acts as One of the first books of the Krakoan era, Re-established the Black Ops team as essentially mutants Secret Intelligence Service start up.In a trading company like Hellfire and Katie the proud predator, You have the shadow of mutant groups turning to the black market to help maintain Krakoa’s economic deal with humans in exchange for recognition of its sovereignty. At this point, Krakoa is more suitable for mutants, but if it is to become a country on the global stage, then it will naturally adopt some structures and organizations similar to other nation-states, for better or for worse. But with a mutant like Nightcrawler at the helm, then maybe, as Sprier suggested, X Corps Will show us a completely different approach to a certain X-Men peacekeeping force.

X Corps From April this year, together with other times X’s fate String.

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