Marvel co-creator Ms. Sana Amanat on Kamala’s power

Iman Villani as Ms. Marvel / Kamala Khan's Ms. Marvel at Marvel Studios.

picture: Marvel Studios

Sana Amanat has been working with lady marvel from the very beginning.Back in 2014, she was a Marvel Comics editor, working with writers G. Willow Wilson, Artist Adrian Alphona and fellow editor Steve Wacker helped bring the teenage superhero from Jersey City Life. when. . .when Upcoming Disney+ Series Trailer fallthe style and color of the production are indeed in often grim superhero shows Miracle produced before.

“This comic is a guiding light for us. We need to make sure it MCUof course, but we wanted to make sure we had that quirky and stylistic distinction that the comics do well,” Amanat said in an interview Entertainment Weekly. “We wanted to find our own version of the MCU.”

One of the biggest differences between the comic and the Kamala Khan we saw in the trailer is her powers. In the comics, her powers are elastic and resilient – she can make parts of herself bigger, expand and “enlarge Hit bad guys with fists the size of garbage trucks.However, in the trailer, they seem To be more “cosmic,” in Khan’s own words.

For Amanat EW, pointing out that the powers Khan possesses look different because they are different. She also said she and Willow discussed the change beforehand and to them, “it made sense”. Changing Khan’s power was “the right move because there’s a bigger story to tell.” Part of the reason is that this is an adaptationIon, and the power to change Khan is to introduce her to the MCU itself, which means giving her different powers “It feels a lot of scope and cinematic in a different way.” Khan, in particular, will appear in a Marvel movie directed by Nia DeCosta, Miracle, It is currently scheduled to release on July 28, 2023.

Amanat assures readers that despite the changes in the universe, Khan’s power is still “interesting and vibrant… The essence of power in the comics is there, both metaphorically and visually.” For the classic Kamala Khan beat their moves, and Amanat said not to worry: “We’re making bigger fists.”

Ms. Marvel premieres June 8 on Disney+.

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