Marvel announces Miracleman Omnibus in the fall of 2022

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picture: Gary Leach

For fans of the old superhero Miracleman, the past few years have been turbulent.Created by Mick Anglo in 1954 and originally named Marvelman, the character has been forgotten by time, Even in his right to be Finally sold to Marvel Back in 2009.It’s not clear if or when he will return to the comic space, but this week Eternity #1 Finally, what is shocking is that Michael Moran will somehow enter the Marvel universe.

But before that, the miracle man needs to return to public view.therefore Miracle Man Comprehensive, The most popular collection of works designed to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the hero’s relaunch from writer Alan Moore.Moore’s tenure in this role was due to his Deconstructionists take When this concept started to take off, everything is now collected.This includes his collaborations with artists such as Alan Davis, Garry Leach and John Totleben in 1982 and 1985, as well as materials from 1989 A1 Sketchbook And 1984 Marvel special. The only non-Moore work seems to come from 2014: Grant Morrison and Joe Quesada’s The new miracle man One shot hit at the end of 2014.

A comprehensive cover art from the Marvel Miracle Man from the artist Kevin Nowlan, showing the Miracle Man hovering over New York.

picture: Kevin Nolan

Since Marvel Man obtained his rights, Marvel Man has always been a tricky character for Marvel. The long-term legal battle between Gaiman and Image’s Todd McFarlane for the rights of the character meant that his star power gradually disappeared over time, and when Marvel was able to Reprint comics Judging from the operations of Moore and Gaiman, these series will take several years to be released. In 2013, Gaiman and artist Mark Buckingham Have the opportunity Back to where they ended in the 1990s… but these plans quietly disappeared.

What is the future of the man who waits for the miracle after that Everlasting tease? It’s still unclear, but for fans of this character, I hope this complex will make the ball roll again when it is released in September this year.

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