Marsai Martin and Omari Harwick battle for victory in ‘Fantasy Football’


The new movie “Fantasy Football” taps into some of the star’s talents.

Marsai Martin brings a lot of lady boss energy to life as Callie Coleman, a tech-savvy young woman whose father’s long career in the NFL landed him with the Atlanta Falcons.

Her production company is behind the family-friendly film. (Martin, 18, set a Guinness World Records 2020 As the youngest major executive producer in Hollywood. )

She and co-stars Omari Hardwick (Bobby Coleman), Roman Flynn (Anderson Fisher), and the film’s director, Anton Cropper, recently met at the Merced in Atlanta, Georgia. interviewed by CNN during a Falcons game at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

It’s familiar surroundings, as the team shot a large number of scenes for their film there.

The plot revolves around Hardwick’s Kelly’s father, who appears to have reached the end of his career when his daughter discovers that she can control his movements by playing the Madden Soccer video game.

According to Martin, her character also befriends her new school’s robotics club team members, not just for the fun of it sending a positive message about diversity in technology.

“I meet a lot of girls who are tech and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) or all black girls coding,” she said. “It’s important to focus on it because it’s a big thing. It’s all about representation.”

For Hardwick, the program gave him the opportunity to delve into his football roots.

Before he made a name for himself playing the role of James “Ghost” St. Patrick on “Thrones,” the Savannah, Georgia native played defensive back at the University of Georgia and later as an undrafted free-agent tryout agent with the San Diego Chargers .

“It’s incredible to be back home,” Hardwick said. “It’s obviously my hometown team…but I’ve never played for the Falcons. For this movie, I had to do my thing.”

Hardwick also noted that it was appropriate for them to watch the Atlanta Falcons against the Chicago Bears because Roman Flynn, who plays Bobby Coleman’s counterpart and hot young quarterback Anderson Fisher, was Chicago grew up.

Flynn told CNN that, unlike their characters, there is no competition between him and Hardwick as leading men.

“It’s all love,” he laughs. “We respect each other and we bring out the best in each other.”

“Fantasy Football” premieres Friday on Paramount+.

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