Mark Cuban’s Dallas Mavericks offer cash back rewards for purchasing Dogecoin

Mark Cuban’s NBA team, the Dallas Mavericks, launched a cash back reward program to incentivize the use of Dogecoin to pay for goods and tickets.Dog).

The reward program is called “Mavs Cryptomania” and customers who spend more than $150 Dogecoin in a single transaction will receive an electronic gift card worth $25 that can be used to make online purchases at the Dallas Mavericks store.

The program will end on September 30. At the time of writing, users need to pay 505 Doge to receive an electronic gift card.

Mavericks started Accept DOGE payment As early as March, it was also the first batch NBA franchise Accept Bitcoin (Bitcoin) Ticket and merchandise payment in 2019.

Cuba is the main Dogecoin supporters And said in April that although the coin started as a joke, due to its characteristics, it is “becoming a digital currency” Increase adoption rate.

The billionaire investor stated in May that Dogecoin has Outperform other crypto assets In terms of product purchases, as he pointed out, “We sell more Mavericks products for DOGE in a typical day. […] More than what we can do with BTC or ETH in a year. “

Cuban became an outstanding figure in the field of encryption and blockchain technology in 2021, and supported various encryption and blockchain projects, such as Expansion solution based on Ethereum Polygon, NFT agreement Alethea AI and NFT market provider Genius, just to name a few.

Boss Mavericks hit back recently Donald Trump’s latest FUD In it, he suggested that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are “a disaster waiting to happen”.

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NBA Senior Analyst Bill Ingram statement On September 2nd, “I’m not someone who agrees with the former president on many things, but I’ve always wondered if we really need another form of currency, which has only fake value because some people decide to fake it. Do.”

Cuban’s response was to urge Ingram not to treat crypto assets as “currency” because he emphasized the basic technologies that promote the development of the industry:

“Think of them as decentralized, secure, and networked platforms whose functions allow the development of applications that have unique utility for individuals and businesses.”