Marjorie Taylor Greene said that Facebook is censoring her after Twitter was banned

Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Green of Georgia said on Monday that Facebook has joined Twitter to review her online speech.

Facebook said it would not delete her account-unlike Twitter, which suspended the personal account of the congresswoman this weekend.

Mrs. Green posted a picture on Gettr showing that Facebook blocked her from posting or commenting. Her picture on the alternative social media platform Gettr shows that the suspension will last for 24 hours.

“Facebook and Twitter are censoring me together. This is beyond the scope of speech censorship,” Mrs. Green said on Gettr. “I am a general election representing tax citizens with more than 700,000 U.S. dollars. I represent their voices, values, defend their freedom and protect the Constitution.”

A spokesperson for Facebook’s parent company Meta said the company will not delete Mrs. Green’s account.

“A post violated our policy and we have deleted it; but deleting her account for this violation is beyond our policy.”

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