Marilyn Manson seeks to dismiss the sexual assault lawsuit, saying the accuser is launching a “coordinated attack”

Marilyn Manson asks a federal judge to dismiss the sexual assault allegations made by the “Game of Thrones” actress Esme Bianco In one of several lawsuits he Currently facing.

A lawyer who is a musician Brian Hugh Warner A motion to dismiss was filed on Wednesday that dismissed “every claim” contained in the sexual assault and assault lawsuit filed by the lady. White.

“The plaintiff’s claims are untrue, unfounded, and a key part of a coordinated attack by multiple plaintiffs who cynically and dishonestly seek to profit from the #MeToo movement and use the #MeToo movement,” lawyer Howard E. King Wrote for the singer’s legal team.

“The plaintiff and her accomplices are desperately trying to confuse the image and art of Warner’s’shock rock’ stage image’Marilyn Manson’ with fabricated abuses,” Mr. King wrote.

The 39-year-old Ms. Bianco’s lawyer filed a lawsuit against him in March. Warner, 59, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California. The musician’s manager is also the defendant.

The lawsuit alleges that the singer physically, sexually, psychologically and emotionally abused the lady. White It can be traced back to 2009, including their consensual sexual relationship that began in 2011.

“gentlemen. Warner Use drugs, force, and threats of force to force women to have sex. White On multiple occasions. gentlemen. Warner Raped lady White Around May 2011,” the suit stated.

“Multiple sclerosis. White The husband is well aware of the violence. Warner Can be issued if she Counterattack, always on the receiving end his Lost your temper many times,” she The lawyer wrote.

gentlemen. Warner Currently facing similar lawsuits from three other women, including model Ashley Morgan Smithline, his former assistant Ashley Walters and “Jane Doe” (Jane Doe) Plaintiff. He also denied their accusations.

The lead singer and founder of an industrial rock band, also known as Marilyn Manson, Mr. Warner It first gained fame in the 1990s due to radio and MTV hits, including “beautiful people” and “drug shows.”

although he Has been facing allegations of sexual misconduct his In the career, more and more gentlemen. WarnerIn recent years, his former sexual partners have spoken publicly and/or started to prosecute.

In fact, Mr. King wrote in a motion dismissed this week, WhiteHis claim should be dismissed because more than seven years have passed since the alleged actions took place.

“The plaintiff tried to improperly manipulate the legal system by filing these clear-time claims, hoping to spread lies about Warner under the protection of litigation privileges,” he Write.

The case is being heard in a Los Angeles court and is being heard by the U.S. District Judge Fernando L. Aenlle-Rocha appointed by Trump.

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