Many people worry about being killed in a terrorist attack in the north

Baghdad (Associated Press)-The Iraqi military said in a statement on Friday that the funeral procession in northern Iraq was attacked, causing many victims.

The military stated that the “terrorist” attack in Salahadin province resulted in “a large number of victims”, but did not provide specific figures.

An Iraqi security official said that eight people were killed, including police and civilians, and armed militants opened fire on the crowd.

The official, who asked not to be named, said that the attack was carried out by the Islamic State group. The death toll could not be confirmed immediately. The military said that once the investigation is completed, it will provide detailed information.

Since the Iraqi security forces defeated northern Iraq in 2017 with the assistance of the United States-led coalition forces, northern Iraq has been a hot spot for Islamic State activities. The Iraqi army often conducts anti-Islamic State operations in the rugged northern mountains and deserts of western Iraq, where they are known to take refuge.

In recent years, IS attacks have decreased, but they continue in these areas where security forces are frequently targeted by ambushes, attacks, and improvised explosive devices.

Sometimes, IS managed to launch an attack in the capital. Last week, at least 30 people were killed in a suicide bombing in Sadr, a suburb of Baghdad. IS claimed to have launched the attack.

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