Major disruption to Amazon web services; many websites are affected

Amazon Web Services The company said it suffered a major outage on Tuesday, limiting services to many key and popular sites.

The company provides cloud computing services to many governments, universities, and companies, including the Associated Press.

Amazon One hour after the power outage began, it said in a post that it had determined the root cause and was “actively working to recover.” It did not reveal more about the reasons.

The power outage also affected AmazonIt said that the ability to provide updates.

The power outage began in the morning on the East Coast of the United States, saying Doug Madori, The head of internet analysis at Kentik Inc, a cyber intelligence company…”vending machine Is the largest cloud provider, and us-east-1 is their largest data center, so any interruption will have a significant impact on many popular websites and other Internet services.” he Said.

Madori says he I don’t believe there is any malice in the power outage. he Said that the recent series of outages by providers hosting major websites reflects the development of the online industry. “More and more of these outages end up being the product of management automation and centralization,” he Said. “This will eventually lead to outages that are difficult to avoid completely due to operational complexity, but once it happens, it will have a very big impact.”

Among the major network services affected by the outage, Kentik found that Netflix’s traffic dropped by 26%. Madori Said. According to Down Detector data, Delta Air Lines and Southwest Airlines’ user outage report information clearinghouse was affected, but American Airlines, United Airlines, Alaska Airlines or JetBlue Airways was not affected.

People who have tried Instacart, Venmo, Kindle, Roku, and Disney+ have reported issues. The McDonald’s application is also closed.

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