Mahsa Amini’s family speaks out in Iran protests

22 year old family Martha AminiShe, who died in Iran’s moral police custody, is speaking out as anti-government protests over her death grow louder.

While the country awaits a final coroner’s report, Amini’s father said she was beaten by the ethics police, the enforcers of Iran’s strict dress code. When Amini was detained, her hijab was reportedly too loose.

Her cousin, Erfan Mortezaei, who lived in self-imposed exile in Iraq, believed she was tortured.

“According to witnesses, she was tortured,” he claimed. “She was tortured in the van after her arrest, then at the police station for half an hour, then she was beaten in the head and she fell.”

Thousands paid their respects at Amini’s funeral in western Iran.

The Iranian government has accused the West, especially the United States, of fueling the protesters’ anger. The foreign ministry said Tehran would respond to “a violation of its sovereignty by the United States.”

In response to Amini’s death, protesters threw stones at a portrait of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

“The old dictator is in his final days,” Moltzai said when asked what he would tell Khamenei.

The unrest is the biggest riot to rock Iran since 2019. Women who oppose strict Iranian laws are illegally taking off their headscarves and burning them. Men are joining them in protest against a regime they all denounce as repressive.

At least 75 people have been killed, and the number is expected to rise, according to the watchdog Iranian Human Rights Group.

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