Magnetic helmet shrinks deadly tumor in world’s first test: gadget

Well, this is a single patient case study based on the FDA authorized compassionate use, so we can’t really draw any conclusions yet.

Another thing that made me wonder is that because the patient suffered a head injury when he fell, the treatment stopped after about 30 days. The patient died of another head injury three months after starting treatment.

Their MRI showed a significant decline during the treatment, but the regeneration appeared to be very rapid after stopping the treatment.

I am not a doctor, but I want to know whether the increase in intracranial pressure caused by the edema caused by the patient’s apparently prone to head injuries will result in a significant reduction in tumor volume. In addition to the problem of high blood pressure, the patient increased the dose of blood pressure medication during the treatment.

have a lot of Sort first before drawing any conclusions, but interesting prospects.

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