Lucasfilm hires YouTuber behind “The Mandalorian” Deepfake

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Finally, a story about deep fraud Moral weakness and Consent question That bothers The people who created them.On Tuesday, a spokesperson for Lucasfilm It is confirmed that the company has hired a popular deepfake creator as an “advanced facial capture artist” under the company’s computer graphics subsidiary Industrial Light and Magic.

The creator is a British YouTube user named Shamook, who recently gained a reputation in the Star Wars community. Advanced video Eventually go viral.Edit Designed to improve the appearance of the young Mark Hamill during the Mandalorian period The second season finale is over There are more than 2 million views on YouTube.

It’s easy to understand why-combining Shamook’s deepfake work with Industrial Light and Magic’s work (Lucasfilm’s renewedResponsible for these types of CG graphics), the work of amateurs can be said to be better than the work of professionals.

Obviously, the clip Enough to persuade industrial light And the Magic recruit Shamke for the Mandalorian Upcoming season. “Over the past few years, ILM has been investing in machine learning and artificial intelligence to produce compelling visual effects,” a spokesperson said Statement to Indiewire Regarding rent. They added that the company is “always looking for talented artists” and “it’s great to see the momentum in this field is increasing as technology advances.”

Shamook hinted at the recruitment in a comment he left on his YouTube channel earlier this month, noting that since joining Lucasfilm earlier this year, he has not “had time to make any new YouTube on his channel. “Content”, although he added that now that he has “settling in” the role, “uploads should start to increase again.”

Although his Luke Skywalker deepfake editing may be his major breakthrough, Shamook has been using deepfake technology to create a variety of content since his channel debuted in 2018.He used his skills to put a deepfake Will Smith into Matrix franchise, Smooth Henry Cavill’s face When he appeared in the 2017 Justice League movie, his age was a bit wrinkled Robert DernIro. hope, In this new role, we will see more of Shamook’s work on the big screen.

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