Louis Vuitton is making a mobile game with embedded NFT

The fashion industry and the gaming industry are merging with each other.from Gucci Selling digital goods Rob Rox arrive FashionVirtual fashion communication starring Gigi Hadid, the two industries are increasingly overlapping to attract young tech-savvy audiences. Now, Louis Vuitton Celebrating the 200th birthday of its founder by releasing a mobile video game, it is catching up with the trend. Louis: The game According to an Austrian newspaper, the fashion house’s mascot, Vivienne, is a wooden doll decorated with the company’s floral emblem, and has played the leading role in the brand’s historical journey. Postman.

According to reports, this iOS and Android game allows players to explore a colorful world by completing various tasks-all tasks are very common so far. Facts have proved that it remains to be seen whether this is more than just an unabashed propaganda content. The competition will end on August 4.If LV goes all out like it recently launched Flying saucer speaker, Then it might be worth seeing.

according to WWD, The game will also have “embedded NFT”. Nevertheless, this sounds almost hopeless.This Unique digital collectibles Have been from Multi-million dollar auction arrive Freebies Designed to promote one-off pop culture, such as Warner Bros. recently Space jam Reboot.

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