Logan Thomas’ injury looks like the season is over

after one day Washington Won the fourth game in a row, but most likely lost the star close end of the season, fans of Burgundy and Gold are still angry at the dirty performance that many believe the Raiders defender is out low. Logan Thomas‘leg.

Thomas After the edge rusher Yannick Ngaku of the Las Vegas Raiders was cut off, what the team said may be a torn ACL and medial ligament in the fourth quarter. Thomas In a rushed game.

According to reports, Burgundy and Gold are waiting for MRI to confirm the diagnosis, but if this is the case, the injuries will deal a serious blow to them. WashingtonOffense.

Thomas exist his The second game after missing six games due to hamstrings.And because his After returning, the 6-foot-6 tight end was very effective. Against the raiders, Thomas There are 3 catches for 48 yards and touchdowns. his The score came from a wonderful one-handed catch by quarterback Taylor Heinicke.

Thomas has become a threat Washington In the red zone-since he signed a two-year contract last offseason, all his 10 touchdowns have been in that zone. The team renewed Thomas in August with a three-year contract valued at 24 million U.S. dollars.

Coach Ron Rivera (Ron Rivera) said that he did not have the latest news about Thomas’ condition when he met with reporters. He was also asked if he had any opinion on the shot that caused Thomas to be injured.

“No, except that we now know it is a knee,” Rivera said. “I just saw him on the ground.”

Thomas Will become the team’s third player to suffer an ACL knee injury this year, joining edge rushers Chase Young and Tory Mctell.

No Thomas, Washington Went with veteran Rich Hayes-Jones, fourth round John Bates and rookie Samis Reyes. Due to a hip injury, Hayes-Jones has not participated in the game in the past two weeks, but since he is listed as a Sunday duel issue, his return may come soon. SEAL Jones has 23 catches for 230 yards and two touchdowns in 2021.

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