Live-action Pac-Man movie in development

Pac-Man game logo

screenshot: Nintendo

Just in case you think the current wave 80s nostalgia There is any danger of breakage, now it seems pac-man get it Own reality show feature. hollywood reporter Classic arcade game confirmed herd Namco Entertainment to garaga and Iron Fist also pac-manworking on a feature film Hiker’s Studio.

game-next Always hungry, always walking the maze pac-man when he devoured particles and turn his colorful enemies enter ghost–could easily be a horror movie or action movie. but wI’m guessing it might be a comedy since this project is based on Original idea from Lightbeam Entertainment Chuck Williams (Sonic the Hedgehog). As THR reminds us, the original game released in 1980, became a pop culture sensation, spawning “merchandise, some sequels such as lady pac manand two TV series, including a Hannah-Barbera made the ABC series and the Disney XD shoot,” not to mention at least one Game Inspired Hits.

What do you think of reality TV pac-man Movie – Except You’re Surprised It Takes So Long to Climb to the Top The “inevitable adaptation” heap? Share in the comments!

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