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Due to its increasing influence on the financial market, DeFi is not uncommon in the current financial system. It provides a solution to the limitations of traditional finance. It encourages open and decentralized financial transactions and does not rely on intermediaries such as banks, insurance companies, brokerage companies, or stock exchanges. Instead, it allows the use of decentralized networks to provide services to users. Although cryptocurrency allows decentralized transactions, it faces the same challenges it has always avoided; intermediaries! Therefore, this brought the emergence of DeFi liquidity pools.

We know that some people are not familiar with DeFi, liquidity pools and how they work. This article will provide a simple guide on liquidity pool tokens and liquidity collateral plans.

What factors determine the DeFi liquidity pool?

The goal of DeFi is to ensure open finance and exclude middlemen from any type of transaction, including: loans and insurance. It aims to increase the flexibility of buyers and sellers in transactions. However, liquidity has always been a major constraint on cryptocurrency and blockchain. This brought the emergence of DeFi liquidity pools.

The DeFi liquidity pool uses “smart contracts” as a model, allowing buyers and sellers to execute transactions and determine prices to achieve fairness. It supports DeFi by providing users with convenience and efficiency. The term “liquidity” refers to how easy it is to convert at the right price. In terms of cryptocurrency, liquidity refers to the difficulty of buying and selling cryptocurrency without causing loss of value. When liquidity is high, the exchange value of cryptocurrency increases, which is why the liquidity pool is called the backbone of cryptocurrency.

There are many factors that cause the interest rate of the liquidity pool to rise and fall. They include; markets, market makers and more investments.

  1. market:

The lack of broad access and market efficiency has a negative impact on the liquidity of cryptocurrencies, which hinders communication. When the market is not efficient enough, trading between cryptocurrencies becomes difficult. In order to improve liquidity, the wallet cannot only be isolated from the local exchange. The easier it is to enter global exchanges, the higher the liquidity rate. Therefore, the market must be open so that people can trade with different cryptocurrencies.

  1. Market maker:

The main factor that determines whether a cryptocurrency can be easily converted into cash is the market maker. They include; trading companies and buyers. However, it is not just a trading company, but a company that can use the infrastructure to play its own advantages to achieve an efficient market.

  1. More investment:

To make the market liquid, someone must be ready to trade. As people continue to invest in the market and ensure that there are global exchanges when the transaction is completed, the liquidity pool will increase. When there is money, people will want to trade without worrying that prices will be affected. Therefore, the liquidity pool will increase.

How to apply DeFi?

Stable currency:

Stablecoins use DeFi because they handle assets that are not related to cryptocurrencies to avoid price fluctuations, and they include education or trading in traditional stores.

Although there are different liquidity pool providers, Edge coin Known to be the only stable coin This is specifically formulated for the decentralized payment of educational expenses received by universities worldwide.Therefore, it has created an open market and open market system, using grade coins as its DeFi volatility coinSome features of Edgecoin are fast transaction speed, low cost, and provide a secure global system.

Edgecoin has a liquidity collateral plan, and its motto is “make money while learning”. This means that when you stake Edgecoin, you will get 34% of Gradecoin. Gradecoin is the governance token of Edgecoin, and it has two tokens in total. Another benefit of the staking program is the high demand, which makes it easier to stabilize prices and obtain the world’s first education stablecoin. It’s easy to get started; all you need is your desktop, visit the website and pledge.

Benefits of Edgecoin

One of the benefits provided by Edgecoin is an open payment system that allows institutions to conduct education-related transactions. This includes; payment of book fees, registration fees and accommodation fees. Therefore, transactions become easier through a decentralized payment platform.

Edgecoin provides solutions for traditional financial systems by ensuring speed and ensuring that people can use educational infrastructure.Recently announced with Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies (DCAS), From now on accepting Edgecoin tokens as a payment method, more universities are queuing.

In addition to all this, Edge coin Allows you to get grades coin This is an coin When you hold Edgecoin, you are in the DeFi market. All you have to do is to go to the website and start staking your EdgeCoin to get 34% of GradeCoin, and then reduce the amount of GradeCoin you get.

Please follow the simple steps below:

-Download Brave or Chrome browser
-Connect your wallet via Metamask
-Choose the token you want to deposit and start betting in Edgecoin
-Get your W-Edge coins, and then deposit 34% of GradeCoin into the wallet you created for deposit at a price of 0.20.

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