Lil Jon looks back on his career on ‘Origins of Hip Hop’


Lil Jon isn’t used to memories.

“I’ve been pushing forward without really thinking about what I’ve done in my career and … the span of it,” he told CNN in a recent interview.

But now, the producer and entertainer has produced hits like “Get Low,” “Turn Down For What,” and “Yeah!” (It won him, Usher, and Ludacris a Grammy for Best Rap/Singing) and was the subject of A&E’s latest episode, “Origins of Hip Hop.”

“We kept going back to where I started in elementary school, where I started to love music,” Lil Jon said of the documentaries.

Narrated by award-winning rapper Nas, the show features well-known hip-hop artists as they reflect on “the experiences that shaped them.”

Lil Jon says he understands wanting to unravel the genre and the people behind it because of its influence.

“Hip-hop is making money. It’s one of the highest paying areas in music,” he said. “Hip-hop culture has influenced and continues to influence the world, right? No matter what type of music people do, they dress and look like hip-hop artists and have swag like we do.”

Lil Jon said being on the project reminded him of what he’s done in the music industry — and will continue to do it.

And he didn’t stop.

“I just believe I got the gift and I should use it,” he said. “I keep putting out music. It might not be all hip-hop, but I’m putting out music that moves people.”

He also extends his creativity beyond music with his HGTV home improvement show “What Would Lil Jon Want?”

“I’ve always wanted to transform,” he said. “Most people want to do movies, but I’ve always wanted to do TV. So now it’s been awesome to transition to TV with my show on HGTV.” (HGTV and CNN are both part of Warner Bros. Discovery.)

“The Origins of Hip Hop” airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET.

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