Leveraged high-yield agriculture based on Solana

One of many examples of Solana’s Alfprotocol

protocol Designed to cater to traders with different risk aversion preferences. In essence, it provides leveraged and non-leveraged products, suitable for novices and experienced traders in the decentralized ecosystem supported by Solana, Solana is a powerful blockchain, suitable for handling decentralized finance The core requirements of the platform.

Compared with Ethereum and other L1 solutions, Solana has proven itself to be a viable blockchain, and these solutions have many shortcomings when tested with a large amount of user traffic.

Unleveraged liquidity pool

Solana’s Alfprotocol provides two main packaging products for unlevered pools in the following forms:

  1. AlfMM-an on-chain autonomous market maker (AMM) decentralized exchange (DEX) service that can redistribute unused liquidity to leverage agreements. AlfMM will use AMM side order execution to achieve two-way integration between AMM and the Ministry of Finance. AMM acts as the source of the order flow and breaks down operations to obtain the best price option between AMM and Serum, which gives it a DEX aggregator attribute.
  2. AAlf-Allocation Alf is a money market solution that uses a single asset pool of a liquidity provider (LP) and the borrower’s over-collateralized debt position. Pools are handled separately, and the assets of each pool are used as the basis for calculating pool utilization and interest rates.

The real purpose of these two products is to provide a platform to provide liquidity and trading for risk-averse investors, while indirectly providing liquidity for leveraged agreements.

Leveraged liquidity pool

protocolLeverage function is a system that enables traders to use the Solana blockchain to enter positions with leverage. The agreement will utilize its connector module, which uses business logic to enter leveraged positions outside of the Serum agreement to achieve the highest APY and capital supply efficiency. In addition, in order to ensure good liquidation, another module named “Ministry of Finance” will keep the tokenized representation of the collateral and debt positions in the lock box it keeps and link with the oracle to track the health of the position at any time .

The password box will also be used in the leverage agreement by packaging replaceable tokens. Lockboxes is the core technology solution for lever lp position health and collateral tracking. protocolOf users will be able to use multiple lockboxes as collateral for a single position.

protocol Currently under development.To find more information about the project and stay informed about the current progress of the project, please visit website And view white paper.

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