Let your dog be French to avoid EU red tape, the veterinarian urges the owner

Dog owner Nick Peter paid 100 Euros for his Belgian pet passport for his pug, Pippa, effectively granting him dual citizenship

After the backlog and bureaucracy caused delays in British veterinarians, pet owners were urged to make their dogs and cats French by giving them an EU pet passport.

Since Brexit, owners who want to bring their pets to the EU have to pay a veterinarian to fill out a complex nine-page form.

The veterinarian reported that the document took an hour to complete and charged the owner a service fee of up to £200.

Every time a dog, cat or ferret goes to the European Union, the passport must be renewed and filled in within ten days of the trip.

But a loophole in the system means that animals assessed by veterinarians within the EU can obtain EU passports, allowing them to travel repeatedly without additional costs.

Veterinarians have always advised owners that when they are on holiday in France or the Republic of Ireland this year, they should obtain EU citizenship for their pets to make subsequent visits easier.

There is no requirement for pets to live permanently in the European Union, which makes the British version of the system redundant.

“In that country, you don’t even need to have an address or anything,” said an industry source.

“It’s kind of mocking the whole thing.”

The British Veterinary Association warned that the British bureaucracy authorized by the European Union has caused chaos in operations that have been under pressure due to the surge in pet ownership during the “epidemic” and the new crown virus lockdown.

Many people turned them away when they were asked to fill out passport forms, and some rushed to fill them out and forgot to sign every page, resulting in owners being turned away from the border while traveling.

“Veterinary practice has been under tremendous pressure”

Daniella Dos Santos, Senior Vice President of BVA, said: “The new travel documents and requirements after Brexit have undergone major changes compared to the old pet passport system, so they take longer to complete and are more costly.

“The BVA has lobbied the government to simplify paperwork, but the rules are set by the European Union, so we can do little to reduce the cumbersome process.

“The veterinary practice has been under tremendous workload pressure, and routine appointments have been booked in advance.

“Unfortunately, this means that some practices have made the difficult decision to stop providing pet travel certification appointments in order to prioritize animal health and welfare cases.”

Nick Freeman (Nick Freeman) became a “Mr. Loophole” in the name of a celebrity lawyer to defend football players’ driving offences. He had previously warned veterinarians and pet owners against the red tape of the European Union.

The government is putting pressure on the European Union to include the UK in different risk categories so that owners can reuse their pet passports year after year.

A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs stated that the UK has “one of the strictest pet inspection systems in Europe and one of the countries with the highest biosafety standards in the world”.

“Our advice to pet owners and assistance dog users who are traveling now is that they should contact their veterinarian at least one month in advance to ensure that their pets are vaccinated and ready to travel abroad,” the spokesperson said.

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