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Not long after the new year, I will be 40 years old. As I went to the actuary and told us that Western men were at the rough midpoint of the possible span of this valley of tears, I had a chance to notice something. I also got a platform to share them. So, here, in a scattered form, is a person’s life course: some are practical, some are broader, and many are undoubtedly wrong, but all are sincere.

Checked baggage instead of taking it with you. The goal is to make the multi-hour flight stress-free, not to avoid short waiting at the other end. Instead, in restaurants and parties, please bring your jacket with you. You don’t know when you need to escape quickly or cautiously.

Don’t make friends with people in the same industry. This will not only narrow the scope of thinking, but also cause a single point of failure. Losing your job is losing your social life.

Atlanta is the best non-coastal city in the United States. With the exception of Franciacorta, all alternatives to champagne are a waste of time. Exercise has almost nothing to do with weight management. People infer their politics from their tribe, not the other way around. Only ordinary restaurants will ask you if you like dining. No matter what you think the incidence of marital infidelity is, it is higher than that.

In the eyes of others, your fashion level depends on your gait and body language, not your clothes. Well-dressed clumsy hands are everywhere in the world.

Only eat once a day. If you like food, do this especially: one outbreak is better than three non-events of apology. Insomnia is not a waste of time: you are processing thoughts and exploring them. There is a difference between “good” and “enough to recommend”. Be frugal in recommending movies, books, and magazine articles to people.

Powerful men are often disappointed in their sons and unknowingly audition for replacements. A talented and ambitious young man can profit. Related to this, the fastest way to make yourself like someone is to ask them for advice.

Leave social media. Don’t “take a break” or explain your reason: you are not a soul singer to shorten your residency in Las Vegas. Let’s go. Alaska Airlines is the best domestic airline in the United States. If someone is not sure whether they want children, they want children. Never support a cause or idea, because the person on the other side is offensive.

To call a taxi or attract the attention of the bartender, stay completely still for a few seconds, then raise your hand. Sports will stand out in their peripheral vision. Among all human insecurity, the least common is physical insecurity. Most people accept their appearance and body shape in their twenties. However, social and intellectual insecurity drives the world.

Don’t take notes: The test of an idea is whether it survives in the brain without recording it. Ignoring a problem, hoping it will disappear, is more effective and more common than anyone admits. Refusal to attend the wedding altogether can not only save many precious weekends, but also cause less harm than selective methods. Taylor Swift knows her onions: Primrose Hill is the best residential area in London.

It doesn’t make sense to read a book on a subject. Unless at least strengthened with other people, reading at the same time or reading directly, knowledge will not persist. Outside of major countries, Copenhagen is the most interesting weekend holiday in Europe. People do not judge their “look” based on their appearance: conservatives believe that Emmanuel Macron is more free than him because he has a human appearance.

If you are very thin, people will wonder why you should pay attention to what you eat. Among them is a warning that our species is capable of taking any form of preventive measures, whether it is for climate change or for a virus pandemic.

The meaning of romance lies not only in, but also mainly in the enjoyment of the here and now. It is that you will rely on (a lot of decoration) memory in your future life. Martin Amis refers to these as your “pension.” For a coast-to-coast stopover, please choose Detroit Airport.

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