Lenda Murray loves the state of female bodybuilding

There are several people in the bodybuilding world whose names represent royalty in a sense. Schwarzenegger, Haney and Coleman might come to mind. Another such name is Murray, as in Renda Murray.Many fans and people are still Connect her to female bodybuilding, and for good reason.She is still involved in the sport as a promoter and commentator, such as Women’s Flex Friday.

Lenda Murray was on the Fit Rockstar show with Isabelle Turell and she talked about the difficulty of competing at the highest level.

“I really think it’s an internal job. I think we all handle it differently,” Murray said. “It’s a different aspect of most extreme athletes, whether it’s track athletes or whatever, you get to that level. For us, our extreme happens physically. So people can see it.”

Murray understands that despite the name on the marquee is “bodybuilding,” it’s not just about physical fitness for preparation and competition. There’s a psychological element to it, especially as the game draws closer, she’s finding it’s not an easy process to say the least.

“When you get to the endgame, when your mind and your body go where it needs to go in order for you to win, I think that’s challenging for me.”

In mid-2010, bodybuilding wasn’t as prominent because it was excluded from Olympia.step into the new olympia boss jack wood, Ms. Olympia is back. Murray believes the presence of Ms. Olympia is important, and the title is an important part of the success of the entire women’s sport.

“Bodybuilding, we’re the beginning, we’ve laid the foundation for you,” Murray told Turrell proudly. When she sees champions like Andrea Shaw at the top of the division, she’s happy to know that the sport itself is heading in its direction.

“I think we’re definitely back on track,” she explained. “Because of women’s bodybuilding, the sport is booming in all other sectors. So, they benefit a lot.”

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