LEGO Optimus Prime is the perfect retro toy mashup

Like Garfield can’t resist lasagna, or Alfobsession with cats, Lego Team up with Hasbro for a new set that’s totally irresistible for kids in the ’80s Who can budget size nowTo be able to scratch the nostalgia itch with most of their earnings: behold Lego Optimus Prime.

While the ’80s children’s cartoons were really little more than half-hour animated commercials to sell toys, Optimus Prime became almost immediately a symbol of leadership, bravery, not just a truck craving, but a whole Generation symbol of children. That generation is now grown up and no doubt eager to spend $170 on what may be one of the best ’80s toy mashups to date. Is this expensive? yes. Do you think you can resist? Good luck, because LEGO has done a great job recreating everyone’s favorite interstellar truck robot.

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