Legislators take action to curb the abuse of Interpol by authoritarian regimes

Authoritarian regimes around the world are too easy to abuse Interpol And using international law enforcement to target dissidents and political opponents, a group of bipartisan lawmakers said on Friday that they introduced legislation to restrict how the government can recruit the group.

The Transnational Repression Accountability and Prevention (TRAP) Act will set new rules for US participation Interpol, Including requiring the Department of Justice to keep detailed records of allegations of abuse by the government Interpol For their own purposes. The legislation was introduced in the House of Representatives by Representative Steve Cohen, Democrat of Tennessee, and Representative Steve Cohen. Joe Wilson, Republican of South Carolina. The Senate also introduced a similar bill.

Supporters cited many examples of what they said, including requests from Russia, Turkey and other countries Interpol Detain or arrest dissidents and critics while traveling. The government used the so-called “red arrest warrant” to formally request foreign law enforcement agencies to locate and “temporarily arrest” a fugitive who was allegedly traveling abroad.

But critics say the system is out of control, and some leaders’ notices are not directed at criminals, but at their political opponents.

Some governments have also tried to use Interpol Target outstanding Americans.

For example, Iran has repeatedly requested Interpol Arrest President Trump and dozens of other U.S. officials in connection with the January 2020 assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani.

The international organization rejected these demands, but US lawmakers said more work must be done.

“Using the legal system and Interpol Harassment of political opponents has become too common,” Cohen said in a statement on Friday. “Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Turkey often publish worthless Interpol Request for violation of key terms InterpolThe Constitution has brought unnecessary inconvenience to international travelers.​​​ “

gentlemen. Wilson Says the U.S. must “strike back” Interpol Abuse, where he Known as “one of the worst forms of this transnational repression” in the world today.

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