LeBron James suspended for 1 game, Isaiah Stewart suspended for 2 games due to quarrel

LeBron James of Los Angeles Lakers Suspended for one game, Detroit’s Isaiah Stewart Suspended for two games for his role in Sunday’s scandal Lakers-Pistons game.

this NBA The suspension was announced on Monday, and both will affect the game on Tuesday.When James won’t play Lakers access Madison Square Garden Go to the New York Knicks. Stewart will miss the Pistons’ home game against Miami on Tuesday and Wednesday’s game in Milwaukee.

James Will lose about $284,000 in salary, and Stewart will lose about $45,000.This is the first suspension in his 19-year career James, Who won four NBA Three teams won the championship.

this Lakers The Pistons met again in Los Angeles on Sunday, James Both Stewart and Stewart are eligible to participate in the competition.

Stewart NBA Said that being disciplined is “through repeated and active pursuit…to upgrade the quarrel on the court… James In a way that violates sportsmanship. James was suspended for “recklessly hitting Stewart in the face and having an argument on the court”, NBA Said.

The incident occurred in the third quarter, at the beginning James Stuart and Stewart were fighting for position on the free throw.Their arms seem to be intertwined James swing his Elbow, contact with Stewart, Stewart quickly shed blood from above his Eye. James, It seems, trying to resolve this situation after realizing it heContact Stewart and draw blood.

It didn’t take long for most of the players on the two teams-as well as referees, coaches and security personnel-to join the fight, trying to separate James and Stewart. Within 25 seconds after James made contact, there were at least 25 people on the floor.Referee Phenizee Ransom is attached to James.

For a while, the calm mind seemed to prevail.Stewart was taken away from the place of contact by teammates and coaches, although he It seemed to become more angry along the way. he And then tried to turn back-many times-and then ran towards James. Many people are blocked again his Path and make sure that the event does not get uglier.

Pistons coach Dewan Casey said Stewart needed eight stitches to close the wound, adding he Don’t think Stewart’s reaction to the game deserves a timeout.

his Eyes kept open. he Frustrated for some reason,” Casey said.

Stewart finally left the floor, seeming to sprint again he Did this, some people worry he Will try to return to the floor through another entrance tunnel. Pistons defender Corey Joseph even went to that tunnel just in case-with the blessing of referee Scott Foster, the team leader of the game.

“Rear Isaiah Stewart After leaving the court, Corey predicted that he might bypass the back of the (house) and enter the Lakers bench from the opposite side,” Foster told a billiard reporter after the game. “So, he’s going to intercept him. I actually told Cory that it would be fine. “

Stewart was convicted of two technical fouls, James Was convicted of a flagrant foul 2, and both players were deported.

James He has been sanctioned by the alliance many times in the past, including various penalties such as falling, not participating in press conferences, and kicking water bottles.But the suspension is his First, it means he Will miss Lakers‘The only game of the season Madison Square Garden – one of them his Favorite arena.

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