Leaving aside, Caleb: Australia McKean won quite a few medals

Tokyo (Associated Press)-For all the concerns of Caeleb Dressel, Australiaof Emma McCann Can leave the Tokyo Olympics more Swim There are more medals than anyone.

The 27-year-old from Brisbane added she On Saturday’s emerging series, the Australian team won the bronze medal in the new 4x100m medley relay.

On the last day of entering the swimming pool, McCann Won a total of five medals and may become the first female swimmer to win seven medals in a single game.

“This is great,” said Drexel, who won three gold medals in Tokyo and hopes to win two more gold medals on Sunday.

McCann Produced the fastest leg AustraliaAt the beginning of the competition, he set a world record in the 4×100 freestyle relay and then won his first gold she 100 free Fridays in your career.

“I absolutely believe in myself, this has been established in the past two years,” McCann Say. “But sometimes it’s completely different to actually achieve it. I finally did it and I was ecstatic.”

she‘s also won three bronze medals in Tokyo: two relay races (including 4×200 free) and third place in 100 butterfly strokes.

McCann Is one of the leaders of the Australian women’s team, which is known as the best game in the world-and has not taken any measures to reduce the hype.

They occupied six of the team’s seven swimming gold medals, led by Ariane Tittmos and Kelly McKeon, each with two victories.

In total, the Australian women won 10 medals, plus their contribution in the mixed relay bronze medal.

“I think everyone’s standards have just improved,” McCann Say. “Especially in recent years, we have a lot of people pushing each other. Competing with each other, we can raise the standard and push each other. This is really helpful.”

McCann There is a good opportunity to expand further she Medal transportation. sheAfter setting an Olympic record in the preliminary and semi-finals, he is the most popular player in the 50 free games on Sunday.

With all the star power, Australia She is also one of the main competitors in the women’s 4×100 medley relay. She is a two-time defending American champion.

if McCann Twice on the podium, sheTogether with Michael Phelps, Mark Spitz and Matt Biondi, he will become the only swimmer in the seven medal club.

McCann Won four medals at the 2016 Rio Olympics and has now promoted she The total number of careers reaches nine, which is equivalent to retirement Swim The great Ian Thorpe and Lyssel Jones are the greatest Australian athletes.

Like Drexel, McCann Participated in the medley relay final a few minutes after the 50 freestyle semi-finals, she Break the Olympic record she Set a night before 24.00 seconds.

she Just deal with a short turnaround.

“We knew it would be fast,” McCann Tell the Australian media. “I think on the schedule, it’s like a six-minute break, which sounds fast, but we trained for it, and we did much more in training.

“I know I can handle it, in fact it is a relay, and will let you (fired) anyway.”

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