Leading the next generation of finance in the Metaverse market

With the significant growth of the DeFi and NFT markets in 2021, peripheral technologies related to “Meta Universe” begin to attract the attention of more ordinary audiences. Decentralized technology is ready to become the next-generation leading technology.

However, with the development of decentralized technology, people are beginning to worry about the security of personal information. In the future, it may be more difficult to protect personal information from large institutions including the governments of certain countries.

In the current climate, Tsuki Finance It is expected to meet the needs of many people. TSURUGI Finance is a project aimed at establishing a new economic field by providing individuals with means to safely hold and use valuable information and assets.

We managed to accept an interview with TSURUGI Finance.

TSURUGI Finance’s own governance token TRGX will soon join TENSET’s airdrop “Infinity” as a gold sponsor to increase the number of token holders and the upcoming IEO on the Kanga exchange.

TSURUGI Finance will be based on three core businesses:

  • DEX (Decentralized Exchange)
  • NFT market
  • Live broadcast platform

Each of these businesses has unique features:

  • DEX (Decentralized Exchange)

TSURUGI Finance’s DEX “TSURUGI Exchange” is expected to become a UI/UX game rule changer in the DEX field through its price-limiting function, unit price display, and the ability to bridge between different blockchains.

TSURUGI Exchange will be built on the original blockchain “TSURUGI Chain” of TSURUGI Finance. The blockchain has the following functions:

  • Safety
  • Scalability
  • Low cost
  • Fast transaction speed

In addition, agriculture on TSURUGI Exchange will be different from traditional agriculture; users will be rewarded with cryptocurrency pairs, not just governance tokens. With additional rewards for currencies such as ETH, which already have established market values, TSURUGI Finance’s agricultural services are expected to attract more users.

In addition, TSURUGI Exchange plans to provide a launch platform for new tokens in the future. Although traditional startup methods such as IDO are vulnerable to malicious projects, the startup platform of TSURUGI Exchange will be protected with the help of third-party organizations. The Digital Asset Management Foundation, which cooperates with TSURUGI Finance, is expected to carefully review each listed project as in the IEO to provide investors with better protection.

The NFT market will provide unprecedented capabilities for NFTs. All kinds of assets, from physical assets such as real estate, artworks, cars and watches, to digital assets such as digital art and digital characters, will be tokenized for trading.

One of the differences between TSURUGI Finance’s NFTs is that they provide a form of income gain and capital gain, defined as follows:

Increase in income: Purchasing physical assets on TSURUGI Finance’s NFT market is completely different from what you think. Sellers can choose to retain ownership of their assets while listing the “right to share in asset profits”, just like the timeshare model.

Capital gains: physical commodities can be traded in new ways through tokenization. Tokenized antique items, such as luxury watches and classic cars, increase in value over time, providing buyers with a form of capital gains. The market provides buyers with an option to amortize these NFTs in the future and trade tokens with physical objects at a specified time and place.

Each income gain and capital gain model satisfies the needs of sellers who want to keep physical assets and sellers who want to sell them.

The live broadcast platform will launch an application that implements a blockchain-based reward system, which was developed in cooperation with the holographic image engineer of the famous Japanese virtual character “Hatsune Miku”.

Although users in other NFT markets have limited options for making their products stand out, TSURUGI Finance users will be able to promote products through live broadcasts. Sellers on the NFT market can collaborate with famous live broadcast hosts to promote their products to a wider audience.

On the other hand, live hosts can make money from live meetings and promotions.

In the future, streaming media platforms will be equipped with recording capabilities, allowing live hosts to tokenize their live videos and sell them on the NFT market.

In addition, live broadcast hosts can also tokenize themselves, allowing buyers to hold part of the profits they earn through live broadcasts. In the TSURUGI financial economy, unlimited possibilities can be realized.

The advantage of TSURUGI Finance is that it has deployed three platforms at the same time; the development of any one platform will accelerate the growth of the entire TSURUGI financial economy.

However, although decentralized technology has benefited many people, there are still some loopholes that need to be resolved. In a decentralized economy, everyone has power over their assets, but this requires asset holders to protect their own keys and passwords, which are associated with their digital wallets.

In order to alleviate some of these shortcomings, the Digital Asset Management Foundation has been established to support the operation of TSURUGI Finance.

The four main functions of the foundation are as follows.

  • Asset management and preservation
  • Item authenticity verification
  • List items on behalf of the client
  • Security Service

TSURUGI Finance uses the advantages of decentralized technology while addressing its shortcomings. A good example can be seen in the foundation’s original security service “Crypto Bank”. Crypto Bank is a brand-new security service that utilizes a secret sharing scheme.

The disadvantage of traditional decentralized wallets is that if the password is lost or the holder dies, the assets cannot be retrieved. The password bank can recover the password through the identity verification of two or more persons approved by the holder. In other words, even if there are problems such as password loss, the assets stored in the decentralized wallet can be retrieved.

Crypto banking technology will be implemented in all TSURUGI Finance businesses and is expected to be deployed in governments, financial institutions and large companies around the world.

It is believed that as the public begins to join the cryptocurrency market, such technologies will provide important value.

In the coming future, TSURUGI Finance plans to create a meta-universe where real individuals and real assets are merged with virtual professions and roles. As large companies gradually seek to enter the Metaverse market, TSURUGI Finance is expected to become one of the pioneers in this field.

TSURUGI Finance is a financial innovation that is expected to develop in the future through the use of new technologies and service development.

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