Lawyers accuse Arbery’s supporters of “lynching” defendants

Brunswick, Georgia (Associated Press)- The defense lawyer who caused an outcry Said that black priests should be barred from entering Murder trial Regarding the death of Ahmad Arbery, it was announced in court on Friday that the court rallies and other actions in support of the black family members of the murdered black family were on par with the “public lynching” of the three white defendants.

Attorney Kevin Gough told the judge: “This case is affected by things that have nothing to do with the guilt or innocence of these defendants,” and he believes that civil rights activists are trying to influence A disproportionate white jury.

On the second day after Reverend Al Sharpton, Reverend Jesse Jackson, and Reverend Martin Luther King III and hundreds of pastors (most of whom were Black) prayed and rallied on the steps of the Green County Courthouse, Gough A request for invalidation of the trial was filed again. The event was organized after Gough opposed Sharpton and Abery’s parents sitting in the back of the courtroom last week.

“A third party is influencing this case,” Gough said. “They have been doing this in the gallery of this courtroom. They have been doing it outside. This is what public lynchings look like in the 21st century.”

He told the judge that his client’s right to a fair trial had been violated by the “Left-wake thugs”.

High Court Judge Timothy Walmsley dismissed the invalid motion with little discussion.

“I don’t remember any interference in the court itself,” the judge said Thursday rally, Coincide Defense testimony.

Gough is the chief attorney of William “Rody” Bryan. He found the 25-year-old man running along their coastal area in a coastal community in Georgia on February 23, 2020. He was with his father and sons Greg and Terra. Wes McMichael drove a pickup truck and chased Abery together. A mobile phone video of Travis McMichael shooting Travis McMichael was shot. He punched and grabbed a shotgun.

After a series of fatal encounters between blacks and the police, Arbery’s killing later became part of a broader settlement of racial injustices in the criminal legal system.

Gough has Repeatedly raised concerns about outside activists Attempt to influence the case. After prosecutor Linda Dunikoski accused Goff of deliberately angering black priests and civil rights activists, he made lynching remarks.

Dunikowski said: “They are responding to what he did strategically, consciously, and wisely in order to respond, and then he can complain.” “That’s a good lawyer. Because. Now he has filed a motion for mistrial based on certain things he caused.”

Arbery’s mother Wanda Cooper-Jones called Gough’s latest comment “ridiculous.”

“He repeatedly did things that surprised me, he would say,” she told reporters outside the court. “Very surprising, but I would say it’s not surprising.”

With the closing of the case scheduled for Monday, prosecutors and defense lawyers debated on Friday the nuances of the legal instructions that the judge plans to provide to the jury before the deliberations.

Most of the debate involves how the judge will describe the restrictions on arresting citizens. The defense lawyer said that Georgia law authorizes the McMichaels and the Bryans to detain Abery for the police because they have legitimate grounds to suspect that he is a thief. The prosecutor said there was no evidence that Abery had committed any crimes nearby.

When the judge said that he would instruct the jury “the undocumented arrest of a private citizen must occur immediately after the crime is committed, or a felony committed while fleeing, the defense lawyer objected.”

Travis McMichael’s lawyer Robert Rubin said the proposed wording would make it almost impossible for the jury to determine based on Abery’s suspicion that the defendant might have reason to detain Abery before his death.

“We have built the entire case around possible causes… Travis McMichael and Greg McMichael investigated the previous incident on February 23,” Rubin said. “And you are digesting all of this.”

Travis McMichael testified this week He saw Arbery’s security camera video in the unfinished house, and 12 days before the shooting, he found Arbery “crawling” outside the house. None of the five videos in Arbery’s home show him stealing. The owner said that he installed the camera after removing items from his boat parked in the open garage.

Walmsley said that if lawyers can support them in citing other cases, he will consider making changes.

—-This version updates a more complete “lynching” quote and clarifies that Gough’s comment is about the priest’s assembly and other actions.

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