Lawsuit against Flint water engineer fails

The Flint Water Works Tower in Flint, Michigan.

Flint Water Works Tower in Flint, Michigann.
photo: Carlos Osorio (Associated Press)

A federal judge this week invalidated the trial after jurors fail to reach a verdictVerify that it is two engineering companies, which should work on mitigation water pollution exist Flint, Michigann, Take responsibility for the crisis.

BuddhaWhen Flint’s drinking water source was replaced in 2014, your plaintiff was exposed to lead as a child, and they sued. they claim two engineering firmsVeolia Water North America Operating Services (VNA) and Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam (LAN), Inadequate Action on Lead Contamination in Urban Water Supplies, Detroit Free Press reports. They want these companies to be held accountable along with the electronics companieselected officials decide to switch city ​​water source to the polluted Flint River.

jury in Ann Arbor, MichiganIt took months to hear the evidence in the case, CBS News. In closing arguments, attorneys for the four plaintiffs argued that Veolia should have Take 50% of the responsibility Lead pollution crisis And the LAN should be responsible for 25%.pullVeolia’s Wiles thinks the company was employed during a crisis; Lan said its engineers The company had suggested testing Flint River water so it could be treated for residential use. After weeks of deliberation, jurors told the judge they could not reach a verdict.

Flint’s crisis begins April 2014. City officials approve a plan Get water for city dwellers from the Flint River Landfill It has been used in industrial wastewater and chemicals for decades.Water previously used by the city came from lake huron near detroit, processed to be safe to drink and ​​officials Saved approximately $5 million at the expense of urban public health, Michigan Live reported in 2015. Residents are starting to notice that the water coming out of their taps smells weird and is yellow or brown.It wasn’t long before local doctors started noticing Lead in children’s blood.

SecondExposure to lead has serious Consequences for everyone, but children are especially vulnerable. to lead penalty for damages development of brain and central nervous system, prolonged exposure can cause “Intellectual and behavioral disorders,” according to WHO.

Residents still feel the effects of exposure to toxic waterIn 2019, researchers tested water coming out of a faucet in Flint residents and reported that it was finally clean.Lead levels well below strict water standards, but still used by anxious residents after years of being cheated by politicians bottled water, political reporting.

Mari Copeny, also known as little miss flintalways speaking Crisis for many years.She used her massive online following to continue to remind the country Flint’s ongoing struggle. In response to news of the failed trial, she tweet, “Oh, no one is responsible for the poisoning in the whole city, and the line replacement hasn’t been done.”

The majority of children affected by the crisis are black people from low-income families. Children of color, especially black american children, more likely exposure to lead compared to white children in their lifetime. Excessive exposure to lead is part of a toxic legacy, Decades in the making For black communities and other communities of color across the country.

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