Lavinia Osbourne stated that NFT can be a good way to attract women into the cryptocurrency space

Lavinia Osbourne, founder and host of Women in Blockchain Talks, stated that women seeking to enter male-dominated fields such as cryptocurrency and blockchain may be attracted by irreplaceable tokens.

Although the ongoing pandemic has put people in many countries into financial distress — whether it’s unemployment, the inability to go to the bank in person, or other concerns — Osborne told Cointelegraph that once they were forced, this incident may have pushed many women towards Cryptocurrency and blockchain continue to advance from other professions. She said the recent surge in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and media coverage have made cryptocurrencies “more relevant” to many people in the arts and other creative fields.

Osborne said: “People look at NFTs as if,’It’s different-I don’t actually master this technology.'” “When they hear all these stories about people making money on NFTs, it’s like’ How can I get involved?’ I think NFT is a good way to attract people into the field.”

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Although Osborne may refer to men and women of all economic backgrounds, her assertion seems to be supported by the NFT project recently launched by That ’70s Show and Family Guy star Mila Kunis.The actress said she developed a Interest in encryption during the pandemic, Noticed that it is a “very masculine area.” She later founded the NFT project Stoner Cats, which included celebrities from Hollywood and crypto, including Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin—— Project sold 10,420 NFTs It was less than 35 minutes earlier this week, and the first episode aired a few days later.

Osbourne said that although NFT is a way of entry, there is still a problem of underrepresentation of women in crypto and blockchain companies. According to the founder of Women in Blockchain Talks, women make up about 34% of people working in the technology industry, but only 12% in the blockchain industry. She proposed a campaign to close the gap, “show women that technology, blockchain, science, and STEM are their space.”

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“If these women want to have a long-lived career, then they must pay attention to these spaces,” Osborne said. “Traditionally it is just the vast majority of men, and there is nothing to counteract this.”

She added:

“If we want to attract more women, then we need to focus on women so that other women can see other women and feel comfortable knowing that this space is also suitable for them.”

As part of these goals, Osbourne and others are working to bring 50,000 women to the blockchain by 2023. The event encourages women to register and learn more about the financial and personal benefits of entering the field.

Kristina Cornèr, editor-in-chief of Cointelegraph, will speak with Osbourne on the second anniversary of the Women’s Blockchain Talks in September.