Latest Power Rangers, Death Rangers, non-binary and very hot

Death Ranger surrounded by emoji

picture: Prosperity!Studio, io9 (Linda Codega) Collage

Earlier this week, bleeding cool Reveals some of the latest art Power Ranger Manga, a new untitled series Omega Rangercurrently called only Death Ranger. for comic book fanthe news is enough to get them excited about the latest issue Power Rangers Universe, explores the current story of the rebellious Death Ranger who turned to their fellow Omega Rangers thousands of years ago, “seduced by the disobedience of the Rangers’ greatest enemy”.

But great art comes with great desire, and when writer Paul Aller saw some backlash against the gender of the characters he was writing about, he felt compelled (politely) to correct the mistake, which is easy to make, consider To the press release did not attach any pronouns for Death Ranger. But it’s official: Death Rangers use them/their pronouns, and are non-binary, and very hot.

You’ve been warned, there are some very thirsty (read: explicit) tweets below.I include them because I find them hilarious and I want us all to be adultsplease.

Of course, this inspires more appreciation for the character, which is 100% true. A non-binary Power Rangers fan (@renlythewriter) chimed in to say that it was great to see multiple non-binary characters in the series.Another ranger they mentioned is Orientefrom Power Squadron Rangers.

Plenty of other reactions are coming from people who simply appreciate that in addition to being a stone cold fox, the Death Ranger is a fun and excitingly refreshing take on nonbinary representation. (Especially after Marvel revealed their nonbinary superhero… Snowflake.) I, personally, love to see a mean nonbinary villain out there being bad on purpose, and I’m happy to report that I’m not alone.

“I identify as a fucking threat” is, in fact, the most metal thing I’ve read all day. Thank you nonbinary thirst twitter, y’all are the real ones.

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