“Landscape Architect” comment: Olivia Coleman and David Huris starring in HBO’s miniseries about the murder of Mansfield

This project is built around the strange case of Chris and Susan Edwards, they are Convicted in 2014 Murdered her parents and buried their bodies in their garden. The story begins, and it’s a bit confusing. Somewhere in the middle, the two fled to France because they negotiated with investigators about the possibility of returning to England because the police were investigating what was later called the Mansfield murder. The incident of the case.

Susan, played by Coleman, has an ethereal, almost unreal quality, obedient to her husband Chris (Huris), and once said, “He is practical because I am not.”

As recorded through the current footage and black-and-white flashbacks, what they have in common is their love of old movies and American Westerns, especially the strong silent genres like Gary Cooper printed on the screen. (They also like the French actor Gerard Depardieu, Write him a fan letter. )

So far, not bad, but as the writer Ed Sinclair and director Will Sharpe (“The Electrical Life of Louis Wayne”) have explained, “landscape painters” are obsessed with too much fantasy, including meticulously repeating their testimony to attract The audience is in their not fully convincing explanations and in their minds.

It turns out that the most effective element of this miniseries appears at the end of each episode, and the news clip played emphasizes how close this strange love story is to reality, including Chris and Susan (notably, they continue Claiming their innocence) do everything they can to convince people that her parents are still alive and spend money on Hollywood souvenirs.

“Unless one of you tells us, we will never know exactly what happened,” the police advised them, emphasizing the complexity of the crime.

also “Crown,” Coleman ( Oscar winner The role played in the upcoming Netflix film “The Lost Daughter” for “Favorite” has received critical acclaim, so HBO may be happy to wear these coats. Measured in this way, the “landscape architect” is compelling enough, but mistakenly takes a case that does not require dramatic modification, and then continues to do so anyway.

“Landscapers” premiered on HBO at 9 p.m. Eastern Time on December 6, HBO, like CNN, is a division of WarnerMedia.

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