Landon Collins recovers from Achilles injury to WFT, pressure increases

Richmond, Virginia – when Landon Collins On the court in May his Washington football team’s first day of practice after tearing his Achilles tendon, he What do i feel he There is no “long time”.

he very nervous.

Collins was injured in a Dallas Cowboys game in October 2020. The doctor told him that it would take 9 to 12 months to recover from the operation. Less than eight months later, Washington Security was much earlier than expected. Although Collins “fidgets”, he Quickly realized the allowed skills he The people who became three-time professional bowlers are still there. Then there are some more.

“I feel better than before,” he Say. “I feel stronger, faster, and in better shape, just doing my own thing. … I’m very happy now.”

This is an important year for Collins.With a three-year, $84 million, six-year contract, the 27-year-old player did not reach this level. Washington Maybe they expected when they were tempted he Stay away from the New York Giants. But Collins has always been a star in the NFL before, after only playing seven games last season, he Say he Determined to top the league again.

“I want to prove that I am the best safety on the court and in the league,” Collins said. “I have done it before, and I will do it again. …that’s why they brought me here.”

Collins returns under different circumstances than before he Was appointed as the captain a year ago. The seventh round player Kamren Curl (Kamren Curl) succeeded Collins in the second stage.Collins said Curl played well his Place, but as he After regaining shape, Collins said that both of them could have a place on the court.

Collins must earn his Role, though. In the months before the training camp, when Collins was not fully exposed, the security personnel watched from the sidelines-immersed in spiritual representation and watching movies to stay sharp. he I believe this work is helpful.

“Putting my mentality on the court helps me a lot on the court,” Collins said after practice at the training camp on Friday morning. “It slowed down my thinking, it slowed down my expectations, so I can go out and become the football player I can become.”

For Collins, the most important thing is to return to training camp with a certain weight. he It is important to say not to be overweight, as this may strain the newly healed tendon and risk re-injury.

But this New Orleans native said he There is a team of doctors and trainers working with it he Every day, no matter where he Alive, whether in his Hometown or New York.

The guidance led Collins to boast heAt its best his Life. Although this may be difficult to prove, coach Ron Rivera seems impressed by Collins’ recovery. Rivera said that Collins was “playing fast” and pointed out that the security of the camp was effective. On Friday, as soon as the ball left the quarterback’s hands, Collins followed Tyler Haynik’s pass and rushed to break the game.

“He looks great,” Rivera said. “He is in great shape. He is working very well now, and we are letting him get through with two people. He got a lot of representatives just to mix it up. We let him play in several different places. He is in All this is done very well.”

Collins, WashingtonThe highest paid defensive player says he Will not fold under pressure. he Say heDealt with his The entire football career can be traced back to becoming a five-star recruit after graduating from high school.

“Pressure destroys the pipeline, but I am a strong pipeline,” Collins said. “I promise you.”

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