Kyiv ‘can win this war’, NATO chief says

Ukrainian troops in the Kharkiv region of Ukraine retake a village during a Russian attack on Ukraine on May 15, 2022. Ukrainian soldiers Shabah remain in trenches used as observation points. REUTERS/Ricardo Moraes TPX PHOTO OF THE DAY – REUTERS/Ricardo Moraes

Russia attacked positions in eastern Ukraine on Sunday in an attempt to surround Ukrainian troops in the Battle of Donbass and fend off counterattacks around the Russian-controlled strategic city of Izium, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Meanwhile, the NATO secretary general told a meeting in Germany that Ukraine could win the war, calling for more military support and swift approval of plans for Finland and Sweden to join the alliance.

Ukraine has had a string of successes since Russia’s invasion on February 24, forcing Russian commanders to abandon their advance in the capital, Kyiv, before making rapid progress to drive them out of Ukraine’s second-largest city, Kharkiv.

Moscow’s invasion, which it called a “special operation” to disarm Ukraine and protect it from fascists, has shaken European security. Kyiv and its Western allies say fascist claims are a baseless excuse for a war of unprovoked aggression.

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Turn on the gas faucet after a broken pipe

Ukraine’s gas transportation system operator said over the weekend that it had resumed operations at two gas distribution stations in the Kharkiv region and restarted supplying gas to more than 3,000 consumers.

“Due to hostilities damaging the main gas pipeline in the Kharkiv region, both gas stations were closed,” the operator said in a statement, adding that the damage had now been repaired.

About 54 gas distribution stations in seven regions of Ukraine remain closed, the operator added.

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Kalush residents overjoyed at band’s Eurovision Song Contest victory

Residents of Kalush say they cheered in “Seventh Heaven” after a band from the western Ukrainian city won the Eurovision Song Contest over the weekend.

The Kalush Orchestra won the Eurovision Song Contest with their entry “Stefania”, making waves in a wave of public support, an emotional victory welcomed by the country’s president.

“With all my heart, with all my heart, I love my Kalush. My wife and I watched until 1 a.m. and we were so happy to win. I was jumping. I was in seventh heaven,” said Petro Yugan, 74, of Kalush’s One year old resident.

“But I also hope that we end the war as soon as possible, it will be an even bigger victory.”

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Today’s headlines

  • Ukraine on Sunday accused Russia of giving up “Phosphorus bomb” on Azovstal steelworkss managed to escape the besieged port city of Mariupol as a large evacuation convoy

  • Sweden Sunday night Join Finland In announcing his intention to join NATO, the head of the alliance said to show Russia that “aggression is not worth it”.

  • lead singer of ukraine Eurovision Song Contest winner Kalush Orchestra Has returned to join the ranks of defending the motherland.

  • Kharkiv is starting to look like Ukrainian second major victory In the war after the defense of Kyiv. It could have a major impact on the further development of the conflict.

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