Kriti Sanon wants to increase budget for films starring female protagonists

Kriti Sanon often talks about films with female protagonists. In a recent interview with a major news portal, the Shehzada actress cited Indian mothers and Chaal Baaz as examples and said that there have been powerful and fulfilling characters written for women in the past. The number of such roles has increased in modern times, she said. In addition, she said that audience demand for such roles has increased, as has the supply of actors. According to the actress, audiences want good content, regardless of whether the actor is a male, female or celebrity. However, according to Kriti, the budget has not increased.

In the interview, Kriti Sanon said there is still room for improvement in budgets for women-centric films. She said Arya Butt’s “Gangubay Katiawadi” may be the only film with such a large-scale production of a female protagonist, and that’s as it should be. “Sometimes, we end up making films around female protagonists on a smaller budget because we don’t feel like it’s going to do as much business. And it doesn’t end up doing as much business because it’s produced on a smaller scale ,” she pointed out.

The actress continued: “That belief and risk is what I want to see. I want it to become the norm”. She went on to say that once films with female protagonists are bigger, they will do better at the box office and issues like gender disparity will disappear.

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Kriti will star in “Mimi” in 2021, where she also plays a central female lead. Meanwhile, she recently appeared in Bachchhan Paandey with Akshay Kumar and Arshad Warsi. She is currently researching Ganapath, Bhediya, Adipurush and Shehzada.

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