Kristen Stewart has an opinion on the fame of playing Diana

Venice, Italy (AP) – Kristen Stewart For a long time she Teenager’s “Twilight” fame stolen she of she Privacy and normal life, but don’t get me wrong: this is nothing compared to what Princess Diana has to bear.

“She is the most famous woman in the world,” Stewart Said Friday. “I have tasted a very high level, but it is really nowhere near the commemorative and symbolic representation of the entire nation or country.”

Stewart Obtained the perspective of filming Pablo Larrain’s “Spencer”, which is the latest film impression of the late Princess of Wales, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival on Friday. As Netflix’s “The Crown” and the Broadway musical “Diana” are about to open, Larian’s upside-down fairy tales focused on the three-day Christmas holiday in the early 1990s, before Diana and Prince Charles officially separated.

Many people have said, seen and wrote about the collapse of the royal marriage, the deep misfortune of Diana and the cruel restrictions of the British monarchy. “Spencer” did not add new information or novel insights to Diana’s Pantheon, but let himself imagine that in these three days, with the unveiling of the “People’s Princess”, the Queen of Norfolk Sander What happened to Ringham Manor.

“I think her really sad thing is that she-just like her air is normal, casual and disarmed-she also feels so isolated and lonely,” Stewart Tell one Venice Press conference. “she Let others feel the company and support of this beautiful light, and all she What I want is to get it back. “

This is the second 20th century crisis icon brought by Larrain VeniceIn 2016, after he premiered Jackie, a portrait of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis starring Natalie Portman. Lalin said that he decided to portray Diana because he “want to make a movie that my mother would like.”

The Chilean director said that his mother admired Diana, dressed like her, and even had hair like her-the famous Mrs. Di with shaggy feathers. But he said that the deeper he studied Diana, “I realized that there is a huge mystery in her. This mystery combined with her charm creates the perfect element for the movie.”

indeed. Diana has been the subject of at least a dozen movies and TV series, from two American TV movies about the royal wedding in 1981, released a year later, to the 2013 movie based on the book “Diana: Her True Story” in 1993 In the movie “Diana” (Diana) played by Naomi Watts as the princess.

No one particularly pleases the monarchy. The motto of Queen Elizabeth II is often summarized as “Never complain, never explain.” According to this principle, Buckingham Palace has always avoided commenting on many fictional descriptions of royal life, from “Queen”—Stephen Frears’ 2006 film about the consequences of Diana’s death—to Netflix’s “Crown”.

StewartThe man who is internationally renowned as the girl Bella Swan in the “Twilight” series was asked, what is it like to portray a person with a similar level of voyeurism? she experienced. Stewart A similar theme was addressed in “Seberg”, about the star of “Out of breath” Jean Seberg (Jean Seberg), which is also in Venice In 2019.

Stewart Draw a line between a mere movie star and a global icon. “I was allowed to make mistakes,” she pointed out.

She also defended the decision to explore Diana’s story again, saying it was a fictitious artwork and not infringing on the privacy of her or her family.

“There is a difference between the invasiveness and diversity that art brings to this world,” Stewart Said.

“I think if someone made a movie about me, I wouldn’t feel stolen or taken away.” she Add to. “Our intentions are not obscene. This may be more embedded in the interpretation.”

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