Kosovo government stops crypto mining in power crisis

Due to winter power restrictions, the Kosovo government has stopped cryptocurrency mining in the country.

According to the recommendations of the Technical Committee on Emergency Measures for Energy Supply, Kosovo’s Minister of Economy Artane Rizvanolli has decided to stop crypto mining, according to Reported by local media Gazeta Express.

The report pointed out that the government made a decision after Kosovo’s electricity supply fell below the prescribed level and began to implement power outages during peak power consumption periods.

According to Rizvanolli, the government decided to set up a technical committee to evaluate emergency energy supply strategies in response to this situation. Based on the committee’s recommendations last week, the government decided to take emergency measures, including stopping crypto mining across the Kosovo border.

The report states that law enforcement agencies will step in to stop the production of cryptocurrencies and work hard to determine the location of such operations. The minister said:

“These actions are aimed at addressing potential unexpected or long-term lack of power production capacity, energy transmission or distribution capacity, in order to overcome the energy crisis without placing further burdens on the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo.”

Due to low domestic production and high energy import costs, Kosovo’s energy distribution company KEDS Announce The power outage will be implemented nationwide on December 22.As we all know, Bitcoin mining consumes a lot of electricity. Recently, there has been a Report It claims that Bitcoin consumes eight times more energy than Google and Facebook combined.

In recent months, many countries have expressed Worried about power outages related to mining, Including Iran and Kazakhstan.

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At the same time, with the surrender of Chinese miners Encryption ban announced in September, Thailand’s retail cryptocurrency mining seems to be booming.As Cointelegraph reported, Thai entrepreneurs and cryptocurrency companies have been using Chinese miners out Their mining equipment.