Kohler’s fog launch smart “stationary bath” is your $8,000

Kohler Has revealed when you can catch Quiet bath It was unveiled at the 2021 International Consumer Electronics Show, as well as many other smart home products. The baths are inspired by Japanese forest baths and aim to recreate the spa experience with the help of light, mist and fragrance. All aspects of the experience can be controlled through Kohler’s Konnect app. The Soak freestanding bathtub model costs approximately US$8,000, and you can order it before the end of March.


Another model provides voice control, and the other is called Infinity Experience, filled from the bottom with water overflowing into the wooden base. These will be listed in the third quarter of this year. Pricing will be announced later.

Also at CES 2021, The company showcased non-contact residential bathroom faucets. The device will turn off or off with a wave of hands, but you still need to use a physical handle to set the temperature you like. The faucet will automatically turn off after two minutes, and when you set it to vacation mode, users can rest assured that it will not accidentally turn on when they leave. The device will be shipped later this year and will cost $199.

The control panel of Kohler's PerfectFill system allows the owner to control the depth and temperature of the bath water without manual monitoring.


Elsewhere, Kohler has announced its pricing and availability PerfectFill Smart Bathing TechnologyThe system allows you to fill the bathtub to the specified depth and temperature via voice commands, control panel or Konnect app. You can have up to 10 presets, and you can also use voice commands to empty the bathtub. The system is paired with Kohler’s digital valve, shout, and compatible bathtub, and will be available in May with a starting price of US$2,700.

Later this month, Kohler will begin shipping household water monitors developed with the help of Phyn. The H2Wise system can monitor the water consumption of each household fixture. In addition to alerting homeowners immediately when a leak is detected, the system will also provide detailed information about household water use. They also use pressure sensing to look for crystals formed in the pipeline, so they can alert users before the pipeline freezes and bursts.

Kohler H2Wise water monitoring system connected to pipeline


The DIY version (H2Wise) can be installed under a single sink, while the professional version H2Wise+ is connected to the main valve of the home, and if a leak is detected, the water in the entire house can be shut off. In addition to the Kohler app, you can also connect your device to a voice assistant. The cost of the DIY model is about US$400, and Kohler said the professional version (which can also be used outdoors) is estimated to be US$666.70.

Other products that Kohler will release this year include the Power Reserve Energy Storage System, which can be paired with solar panel systems to store the energy they generate. Batteries can be used as a backup for power outages or use stored solar energy to power the home and reduce dependence on public power sources. You can also prioritize the use of stored energy during peak usage hours to reduce the cost of utility bills.

It may be beneficial for homes without solar panels, because the system can store energy from the grid when electricity usage is low. For a system with a battery capacity of 10 kWh, the Kohler Power Reserve starts at approximately $13,325, but you can have up to 20 kWh.

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